4 Reasons Why Insurance Agents Need Email Marketing

April 5, 2013

A 2011 study showed that consumers are happy to receive marketing emails if the content is valuable and relevant to them. Your clients and prospects likely see their insurance needs as valuable and relevant; in fact, the same study showed that consumers will actively seek to sign up to receive these kinds of emails. This means that, for an independent agency, email is a very powerful marketing tool.

Here are 4 reasons why you should integrate email marketing into your digital marketing strategy:

1. Low Cost, High ROI
Email marketing is a low cost option to communicate with your customers and prospects on a regular basis. It saves staff from having to make tele-marketing calls, which do not have nearly as high of an interaction rate, or send expensive paper mail solicitations which cannot be tracked very easily.

2. Organized Contacts and Minimal Data Entry
See that stack of random business cards and post-its sitting on your desk? Imagine putting them all in one organized place that you can access from your computer, phone or tablet. With an email marketing program like AgencyBuzz, you can organize your contacts into groups based on line of business, status, renewal dates, zip codes, producer and many other options. This makes sending a targeted message simple and fast.

You can place a button on your home page asking people to join your newsletter, get a quote, or even fill out a customer service form and your Insurance Website Builder site will push those contacts into your AgencyBuzz account. Can you imagine how much time your staff can save by not having to do that data entry?

3. It's Easy.
An email marketing platform makes it relatively simple for you to get started. Most have a WYSIWYG editor and you can design an email just as you would design a document in word or your regular email client. But with an email marketing platform, you will have better customization, tracking and can schedule emails well in advance.

4. Tracking
With an email marketing program you have tangible results within days of sending your mailing. You can track who opened mailings, if they clicked any links within your email, which subject lines work best, what time of day is best to send to your audience, who bounced so you can get a better email address and much more. This all comes in one handy report. Your regular email client will never supply you with this type of tracking.

Having advanced tracking allows you to tailor mailing based on audience preference as well as see who is engaging with your marketing emails.

As you can see, email marketing can save you time, money and make your agency more efficient. Who says no to that?

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