4 Reasons Why Having a Responsive Site is Not Always Better

September 14, 2015

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Responsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach that adapts the layout of a website across a wide range of devices like computer screens, mobile phones and tablets. RWD has been around for few years now. But since April 21st, the day of Mobilegeddon, we've had a lot more agents ask for this.

If you're looking to redesign your insurance agency website - or need a new one altogether - and have been thinking about RWD, here are four things to consider first.

  1. Google doesn't care. Whether your website is responsive or adaptive, it doesn't matter to Google. Google bots aren't measuring how aesthetically pleasing your website may be. They are instead evaluating whether your website will do well on a mobile device.
  2. It can be slower. While RWD can definitely make your website pleasing to the eye, it can also possibly slow it down since a lot of RWD homepages are heavy on graphics.
  3. Insurance shoppers just want to shop. When consumers are shopping for insurance on their mobile devices, they have a purpose and a sense of urgency. With RWD, your website could make it tougher for your website visitors to connect with you. And if not designed correctly, could cause your prospects to scroll forever before they find a relevant call to action.
  4. It can cost more. Since most responsive designs are tricky and are a lot more involved than other web designs, you could incur additional costs.

After reading this list, you may think I'm against RDW but that's not the case. Personally, I like responsive designs. In fact, we've created some exceptional RWD for our clients. The point I'm trying to make is that you don't have to get a responsive website just because everyone says you need to. Instead, what you need is a design that reflects your agency's personality, provides mobile access and clearly expresses your value proposition.

If you're interested in learning more about RWD or redesigning your insurance agency website, we can help. Request a free consultation.


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