4 Reasons Why a Google My Business Listing Can Help Your Agency

December 2, 2020 Amanda O'Brien

Google My Business (GMB) is an essential tool for every insurance agency to have. Seriously, it is a must-have for every business.


Let’s say you’re walking through the mall.

For the purposes of the scenario, this is a mall with only insurance agencies. That’s pretty tough competition, right?

One of these insurance agencies doesn’t have windows, a sign above their door, store hours, or proof that anyone has ever gone inside. You might not even know that this store is open or what they sell.

If I’m walking past that store, I would assume they’re out of business, not good at what they do, or untrustworthy.

The same goes for consumers on Google.

Without the necessary information to educate themselves or get in touch with your agency, consumers will move on. Here’s why a Google My Business listing can help your agency.


Google My Business is the Modern Phonebook

Prior to the internet, how did we find the contact information for a business?

We pulled out the phone book.

Well, what happens if a business changes addresses or their phone number? We would probably move on to the next business.

Google My Business allows businesses to update their contact information in real-time. It’s now common practice for consumers to type in the business’s name to find their contact details.

According to research done by Bright Local, 64% of consumers use GMB to find contact details.

Perception is everything, and NOT having updated contact details, store hours, or location information can create a bad customer experience. It could also lead to some nasty reviews.

Make sure your agency name, address, and phone number are accurate on your listing. Always remember to update these if your agency moves, your hours, or phone number changes. The holiday season is in full swing. Do you need to update your agency hours? Here’s how.


Google My Business Improves Local Visibility

People use the phrase near me when looking for local businesses. In fact, 76% of mobile near me users visit a related store during that same day. If you’re targeting the cities surrounding your agency, optimize your GMB listing accordingly. Then, you will be more likely to show up in the organic results of near me searches.

Organic search refers to the search results that paid advertising does not influence. Search engines rank these organic results by their relevance to the search term.

Google does use distance as a ranking factor. So, the more detail you include in your listing about the areas you serve, the better. Optimize your listing to attract those near me users. They will be more likely to visit your agency that same day!

Bright Local also found that 84% of users will be more likely to organically find your GMB listing than searching for it directly (16%). Both of these percentages are important. Why?

The 84% who find your listing organically are more than likely prospects. For example, someone who is more likely to search independent insurance agency near me than searching for your agency by name.

The 16% are probably existing customers. Why? They are searching for your agency name specifically. These are behaviors that we attribute to people who know exactly what they’re looking for. It is important to keep both audiences satisfied with updated information.  

For new prospects, include in your GMB listing lines of business you offer and service options. You should update these whenever they change.

For your customers, keep information like agency hours and contact information accurate and current.


Google My Business Increases Website Traffic

Fifty-six percent of users will look at your website after discovering your listing. Thus, GMB can help drive traffic to your insurance agency website.

Image source: 360 Pix

As mentioned in the previous section, most people will find your listing organically. So, getting those organic searchers from your GMB listing to your agency website is an important piece of the puzzle!

How do you do that? You have to optimize your listing.

Having an optimized GMB listing means the same thing as having an optimized website. Your website needs a combination of elements to help your agency convert website leads to website sales. Similarly, your GMB listing needs as much information as possible to convert organic Google searchers to visits to your website.

Each person who stumbles upon your GMB listing is going to require a different key to opening the door to your agency website. So, your GMB listing should have ALL of the keys.

Some people might want to look at reviews. Some might want to see your products and services. Ensure that your listing is optimized with ALL agency information to improve conversion. Here is a guide to optimizing your listing.


Google My Business Improves Your Customer Experience

When customers have more access to your business information and updates, they can make better decisions as they browse. If you want to manage your GMB listing effectively, regular posting is a must.


Posting on GMB allows you to improve your customer experience by communicating with your customers directly and provide them with timely information. You can post updates about new carriers, policies, events, and other news. You can also engage with your customers using videos and photos.

Need help posting on your GMB listing? Here’s how!

You can post stories, articles, videos, polls, events, and business updates.

Here are some resources directly from Google that will help you get started.

In addition to the resources above, it’s important to follow these best practices to post on GMB successfully.

  • Use Google Trends to identify the keywords and phrases with a higher search volume. This will help you get the most out of your post.
  • These posts are only given a preview in which users would need to click on the post to expand it and read the whole thing. Make sure the first 100 characters are attention-grabbing and informative.
  • Make sure the landing page you link to coincides with what the post is talking about. You don’t want to discuss auto insurance and lead customers to your home insurance page. This will lead to a higher bounce rate.
  • Keep in mind that these posts may look different on mobile and desktop. So, when choosing photos for these posts, try not to include any with text on them as it may get cut off.
  • Choose a compelling call-to-action (CTA) button that coincides with the content of your post. If you are discussing your auto insurance, you can use the Learn More button as your CTA. This lets users know where to go (your website) to learn more about what your agency offers.

Google My Business is an often overlooked but highly effective tool for generating new business. These tips will help you better manage and improve your listing.

If you would like to learn more about this digital marketing tool, we’ve got a free guide for you.

If you would like to learn how ITC can help manage your Google My Business listing, click here, or call us at (800) 383-3482, option 3.

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