4 Common Misconceptions About Email Marketing

September 17, 2018 Henna Javed

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Some may believe email marketing is an archaic way to reach your customer. Or, that no one likes finding spam in their inbox. The good news is, they would be wrong! Email marketing is an effective tool to stay connected with your audience – when it’s done right. With that said, let’s dive into some common misconceptions about email marketing.

All email is spam.

A lot of people starting out in the email marketing world may think all email marketing is spam. You may believe that recipients despise receiving marketing emails. Or, they immediately hit the SPAM button instead of engaging with your emails.

This may be true in the case of bought email lists. Those recipients aren’t expecting your email and have never interacted with your agency.

Well-curated email marketing isn’t considered spam at all. In fact, according to the research firm Marketing Sherpa, over 90 percent of US adults like receiving promotional emails from companies they do business with.

If you are buying or obtaining email lists in an unethical way, sending them an email may be spam. All email address should be obtained by your company through legitimate means. Your audience should be expecting to hear from you. This means that at some point, they signed up to receive email correspondence from your brand.

Email marketing can’t compete with social media.

You may believe that social media is the number one digital marketing tool. But don’t forget: When you use social media marketing, you are at the mercy of that platform’s algorithms. An algorithm often decides when messages reach your audience.

As for email, you are using a well-established medium to reach your customers. If you play your cards right, it is more than likely that your email will be in your customer’s inbox. After all, billions of emails are sent, received, and opened every year.

People get too many emails already, and yours will get lost in the storm.

This is a common misconception in the email marketing world. But according to SalesHub, 60 percent of consumers actually receive six or less marketing emails per day. In fact, out of that 60 percent, 40 percent receive three or less emails in a day!

As for getting lost in the proverbial storm, there is a way to avoid this predicament too. Email marketing platforms (such as AgencyBuzz) can track when recipients open their email. The platform then uses this information to send future emails around this time. This makes it less likely that your email will become buried or go unseen. It will actually be sitting at the top of their inbox when they open it.

Unsubscribes? Nooooooo!

You may think unsubscribes are the worst thing that could happen to you in the email marketing world. This is not so. Unsubscribes are actually a good thing!

When a contact unsubscribes, they remove themselves from receiving further content from you. This means your list is honed toward customers interested in your product. In turn, you can focus on building a list of contacts who appreciate your content and offerings.

Unsubscribes also save you money. Email platforms may charge by the amount of contacts you have on your list or by how many emails you send. Either way, unsubscribes prevent you from wasting a valuable spot in your client list. That spot could be filled with someone who is open to your product or service. 



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Henna Javed

Henna is a marketing automation expert at ITC, providing support to ITC's email marketing clients. Her work consists of AgencyBuzz training, helping design email templates and newsletters, blogging, and content creation. Henna holds a Bachelor of Science in political communications from the University of Texas, is a member of the Society of Professional Mediators, and is licensed in property and casualty insurance. Her passions include conservation, social media, photography, writing, gastronomy, travel, and beaches.

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