3 Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Confidence

September 25, 2017

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I talk to my customers every week about their email marketing goals. I’ve got to give it to them: They know what they want to accomplish.

Yet, somehow, many find themselves getting behind on emails they wanted out last week. Sometimes, even last month. What I’ve learned from those conversations is, more often than not, email marketing is still intimidating to a lot of marketers.

I know someone telling you “Don’t be intimidated” is not going to turn you into a confident email marketer. But, from my own experience, I have three big tips that will boost your confidence in no time.


  1. Be a Copycat. Kind Of.

    This is actually a fun idea, especially for anyone who hasn’t done as much design work.

First, go into your personal email and find emails you like the most. Then, use your email marketing program to recreate those emails. This is a fun way to find workarounds for design and test how they work in practice.

Send your copycat emails to yourself to see how they look in your inbox. This is great practice for working in your email marketing program. And, it is sure to boost your email confidence.

Note: Make sure not to send any images to your audience you don’t have the rights to.

  1. Appoint a Committee.

    We often change our minds about our emails while we create them. Do I include this line? Should I use this picture?

An intimidated email marketer is prone to over-editing and under-editing their emails. An easy way to round out your editing process is to create a committee.

Send them the emails first, and ask for edits. Then, incorporate their feedback. Try to appoint people who work outside of your industry. They’ll be the best to help edit your emails to send out to prospects and customers.


  1. Test. A Lot.

    Caught between two different subject lines? A button or text link? Pictures or text?

Customers often ask me for my opinion about which decision they should make for their emails. I’m happy to share my opinion, but your audience is going to be unique.

That’s why here at AgencyBuzz we’re big fans of the A/B Test. Testing your audience with different options helps you understand what they like. And, even more importantly, what gets the desired response from your audience. The more you test, the more confident you will feel about sending out your emails.


The best thing about these tips is they’re evergreen. You can use them no matter how experienced you are with marketing. You can go back and do them again and again at any time!


We’d love to show you how easy it is to automate your agency’s marketing with AgencyBuzz. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

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