3 Steps to Better Insurance Website Usability

March 14, 2016

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Have you ever visited a website in search of specific information but had no idea where to click first?

Or perhaps you clicked on a link only to find it didn't contain the information you needed at all.

If either of these situations are familiar to you, you've experienced poor website usability. You aren't alone. If you have felt the frustration that comes from poor website usability, so have your clients.

Poor website usability is bad news because it can cause you to miss out on leads. Someone visits your insurance agency website and leaves because of poor usability. That's a missed opportunity.

It's worthwhile to check for usability issues as they could be preventing your insurance website from reaching its full potential.

What is Usability?

Usability is exactly what it sounds like: a measure of how easily a person can learn to use something. Website usability measures how easily someone can learn how to use that website.

Website usability involves two things.

First, there's the architecture, or organization, of an insurance agency website.

An example of good website organization would be having a link to the home page at the top of every page. In simple terms, everything on your insurance website is in its expected place.

Second, there's the content of your website. Content goes hand in hand with how you organize the information on your website. Each page of your insurance agency website should have informative and relevant content.

Besides the quality of content, make sure it's functioning properly across platforms as well. Watch out for images not showing up and broken links.



Is Usability the Same as User Experience?

It's easy to get usability and user experience (UX) mixed up. They both are important to the success of your insurance agency website.

Usability refers to the ability for a visitor to interact with your website easily. User experience is how a visitor feels as a result of this interaction.

Usability plays a part in user experience. Think of it like this: Usability is about making a task easy. User experience is about making that task meaningful and valuable.

For example, putting a link to customer service forms in your main navigation makes it easy for your clients to request a policy change. That's usability.

Because you've made it easy for your clients to do business with you on their terms, your clients trust you more and will be loyal to you. That's user experience.





How Do I Determine My Website Usability?

Usability testing can help you understand how your visitors use your insurance website. It can uncover problems they are having that you were oblivious to.

It's easy to perform a basic and informal usability test on your own. The key is to observe the completion of tasks. Then, use your findings to make the appropriate changes to improve your website usability.





How Do I Perform a Usability Test?

Step 1: Find a few people unfamiliar with your insurance agency website. You want people with fresh eyes who have never visited your website before.

Step 2: Establish a few tasks you want users to perform on your website. These tasks should be straightforward. Think request a quote, locate your office's contact information, or request a policy change. Then, ask each test subject to perform these tasks.

Step 3: Observe the participants as they complete your task list. Make note of any difficulties they have or comments they make. Use these reactions to decide what changes to make to your insurance website.

As you can see, the basic idea of website usability is straightforward. You want your visitors to navigate your website efficiently and easily.

Whether they are requesting a quote or looking for your phone number, your website usability affects their perception of your agency.

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