3 SEO Tactics You Should Forget

September 21, 2015

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You've got a killer website for your insurance agency. Of course, you want a lot of clicks, eyeballs and engagement. This is why SEO is crucial.

There are several quality ways to boost your agency website's SEO. However, there are just as many nefarious and not so helpful ways too. So I've compiled a list of the top three SEO strategies that you should do away with.

  1. Farming for backlinks
    Backlinks are super helpful for SEO because having other sites link back to yours is something Google tracks, but there's a limit. Creating bogus websites just to stuff links back to your webpage is frowned upon.

    Backlinking still works, as long as it's in moderation and from a reputable website that naturally links to your web page.

  2. Keyword overload
    Keywords are good! Too many are bad. Very bad. Especially when you stuff keywords into headers and footers on various pages of your website. Google's algorithms have advanced to prioritize content that is useful to the user. A page stuffed with keywords is not user-friendly so Google will penalize you if go this route.

  3. Writing for Google, not your customers
    Updating your insurance agency website with relevant and fresh content is still the key to proper SEO. But tailoring the content to entice Google's search engine robots and not your customers is hurtful to your clients and your SEO.

    Google continues to update its search engine robots to look for more user-friendly content. Writing your content for people is better for your customers and now it's better for Google.

These three SEO strategies do nothing for your insurance agency website. If you're trying to boost your SEO, always remember this: Never use these three tactics. And content and catering to your customers is king.

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