3 Reasons Why Most Insurance Websites Fail

February 26, 2014


You want your insurance agency website to be successful. The stronger your website is, the easier it is to bring in new clients and raise your retention rates.

But what makes an insurance website fail?

We have created thousands of websites and have seen what works and what doesn't. Below are three mistakes we see agents make that hurt their chances of online success.

Blank/Bare Website
Your insurance website should never be just a business card. A website with little to no content on it will often be passed over in favor of an agency website that lets people interact with the website. The client has no solid purpose for visiting your website, and will hit the back button to find another source of information or somewhere else to request a quote.

Give your clients a reason to visit your website. Let them request ID cards, make payments or file a claim. For potential clients, let them request quotes and get more information about what they are interested in.

Not User-Friendly
Websites that overload on buttons and call to actions are hard to navigate and will frustrate your clients. With everything shouting for attention, it is very easy for clients to get lost trying to figure out where they need to go. If a website is too busy, it will feel cluttered and clients will quickly continue their search elsewhere.

Use a navigation menu with drop downs to reduce clutter. This will put all of your important items in one place, and still make it easy for your clients to find what they are looking for.

Outdated Design Elements
When an insurance website is not updated frequently, the agency no longer looks credible. If your website is outdated, potential clients will wonder if your agency still exists and be less likely to request a quote. Clients will think that if you do not pay attention to your website, you may not pay them the attention that they will need as your client.

Update your website periodically. Write a blog post at least once a month to show that you are both knowledgeable and paying attention to your agency website. You can also make your website look fresh by avoiding intro pages, making sure your website is not too narrow or small, and using less Flash.

Don't let your website be a dud. Avoid these mistakes and increase your insurance agency website's chances of online success.


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