3 Questions to Ask About Your Insurance Website Design

August 30, 2013

Starting on your insurance website design can be tricky. You may have a lot of ideas or you might not be sure what you should focus on.

When creating your website, ask yourself these important questions. They will help you narrow down your ideas and give you a strong sense of how to make an efficient insurance agency website.

Who is my target audience?
Your intended audience is important. While you may want to target as many people as you can, trying to please everyone will not make your site as powerful or potent as it could be.

Choose an audience you want to market to, and build a website for them. Does your agency focus on selling insurance to businesses? Then the ultimate look and feel of your website should differ from websites that focus primarily on auto and home insurance for families.

If you have trouble pinning down a target audience, think local. If you only sell insurance in your home city or state, you can use photos of local or state landmarks that will make your website more attractive to your audience.

What will my customers do on my website?
Don't make the mistake of turning your website into a billboard - something to look at once and then ignore. Help make your website part of your business process by giving your customers a reason to visit your website and come back.

Whether it is to fill out a quote form, file a claim, or make a payment online, your customer should want to and be able to interact with your insurance website. Offering these options online will make your customer more likely to visit your website multiple times, letting you focus on customer service, retention and capturing new leads.

Call to actions will be important for customer interaction. They instruct your customers on how to use your website. Use strong, clear and concise language. 'Pay Your Bill' is a more effective direction than 'Would you like to make an online payment?'

How can I make things as easy as possible?
Simple is always best. When deciding on the design of your insurance website, be careful of making it too busy. While you want your website to be a multi-use tool, you want to also make it easy for customers to find which tool they want to use.

The best way to do this is to create an easy to follow navigation menu. Your navigation menu is your one-stop place to find all of your website's features and resources. Choose a few major headings, such as Get a Quote, Make a Payment or Contact Us, and list the complimentary items underneath these headings.

Avoid clutter on your website. If you put too many bells and whistles right on the home page, it will distract or confuse your customers, and they will be less likely to interact with your website.

These questions will help you line up a strong game plan on how to tackle your insurance website design. After you solidify your answers, you will not only feel more comfortable with the website building process, but you will also have a good concept of the look and feel you should strive towardsfor.

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