3 Must-Have Features on Your Insurance Website to Compete Online

October 30, 2013

When you're building your insurance agency's website, keep in mind that your client will have some expectations on what your website should let them do.

Your agency's website will not be the first insurance website your clients have come across. They are used to having certain features and content, and may leave your website if they do not see them.

To compete with the big names, you should consider having these features on your own insurance agency's website.

Quote Forms
First time visitors to your website found your site because they were probably trying to get a quote for a policy. Satisfy their need quickly by providing quotes.

Whether you use an online rating system that generates a quote automatically or the client fills out a form and you call them back, quote forms are a must. Your visitor now feels confident they have accomplished a real first step in their search. And you now have their name and email address to add them to your drip marketing campaigns.

Payment Options
Your clients do not think about their insurance every day. But they remember when it comes time to pay their bills. More insurance carriers now allow online billing for their policyholders, so why shouldn't you?

Provide a way for your clients to easily make payments. Offer a form to process their payments for them or have a page that links to your carriers' payment pages.

Claims Information
Filling out paperwork for claims is not your client's favorite thing. But it is necessary. Make sure to have a page to help walk your clients through the process.

Do they need to call a specific phone number? List the number. Can they fill out a quick form on your website and you take care of the rest? Have the form easily visible. However your agency wants to direct the flow of incoming claims, make sure that your clients can easily find this information out on your website.

The more features you add to your insurance agency website, the more your clients will feel as if your website is their 'go-to home' on the Internet. Provide for their needs easily and you will see the difference in your daily workflow.

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