3 Insurance Agency Website Mistakes That Can Cost You Clients

September 3, 2014

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Insurance agency websites have a brief window of time to capture a potential client's interest through your insurance agency website. A good website should make the prospect want to initiate a conversation with your agency about possibly purchasing a policy.

So what can keep those clients from picking up the phone and contacting you? Here are three reasons why your website can cost you potential clients and how to fix them.

All About You Section
While having your agency's history on your website is important, if that is all the information clients see in your About Us section, they will not think your website is very helpful. Too much talk about yourself can make you look conceited, which can also deter clients.

The Fix: Turn your All About Me section into an All About Me Helping You section. Doing so shows your clients your history and what you can do for them that other agencies can't.

Mobile Un-Friendly
About 15% of clients will find your website from online searches using their mobile phones. If your insurance website does not have a responsive design or a mobile-friendly version, this will frustrate visitors trying to navigate your website on smaller screens. Rather than try and figure it out, they will find it easier to go back to the other websites listed in the search results.

The Fix: Make sure your website design is either responsive, or you have a separate mobile version that is easy to navigate.

Absent or Overly Long Quote Forms
If you have no quote forms available on your website, how can your visitors give you their information? A website visitor may have only a brief window of time to fill out a quick form and may not be able to call you or have the time to fill out a long and complicated quote form. Some may also find a lot of questions intimidating and may not feel comfortable filling out those long forms.

The Fix: Add shorter quote forms to your website. Ask the basic information you'll need to know if the lead is good, then follow up to get the rest. This adds a personal touch to the prospect's first real contact with you.

Don't let something small keep clients and prospects from contacting you. Avoid these mistakes, and make your agency's website a stronger tool in your marketing tool belt.

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