3 Easy SEO Tasks You Can Do Right Now to Increase Traffic

December 9, 2015 Stephanie Ewen



You got an insurance agency website to help bring in more leads and grow your agency. It looks great and is live on the Internet. But, it's not attracting the visitors or leads you expected.

Sound familiar? You might need to work on optimizing your insurance website for the search engines. 'But I don't have the time,' I hear so many agents say. I get it. You have a business to run and clients to take care of.

Don't be overwhelmed. You can do these three quick and easy SEO items today. Plus, they can boost your insurance agency website traffic.

  1. Page Titles
    Your insurance website's page titles are the most important on-page SEO item. Page titles are the clickable phrase that appears for your website in the results. They help the searcher decide if she should click on your website instead of the others listed.

    Page Titles
    When you are creating titles for each page, there are a couple things to keep in mind.

    First, limit it to 50 characters to ensure search engines display your entire title. Keep in mind that spaces and punctuation are characters too. To manage your character count, you can use an online tool such as www.charactercountonline.com. Or if you have Microsoft Word, use the word count tool.

    Second, for ultimate search ranking performance, place your main keyword phrase at the beginning of the title.

  2. Page Description (Also Known as Meta Description)
    The page description is another piece of information to describe a webpage. Like your title tag, your description is not visible on the webpage itself. But, search engines display it in the search results.

    Page Description
    Search engines no longer consider your page description when determining search results. However, this is another opportunity to drive relevant visitors and leads to your insurance agency website. Stay under 150 characters. Be sure to convey your unique selling proposition and call to action when creating your page descriptions. If you go beyond the 150 character limit, the search engines will truncate your text.

  3. Page Specific Keywords
    SEO keywords are the phrases in your content that make it possible for people to find your insurance website using search engines. While keywords do not hold the same ranking importance they used to, they are still an important part of SEO. After all, people search the Internet using keywords.

    The placement of your keywords matters more than the frequency. For example, car insurance in your page title and header matters more than repeating it throughout your body copy.

    Google breaks down your insurance agency website into key areas. Meta information and headers take top priority. Side bars and footers are the last priority.

Doing It in Insurance Website Builder
For Insurance Website Builder customers, here's how you can change or add these three elements:



  1. Log in to the Insurance Website Builder admin console.
  2. Under Content & Design in the top navigation, select Site Content Editor.
  3. From the drop down titled Please Select a Page to Modify, choose the page you wish to work on. For example, home page, auto insurance, life insurance, etc.
    If you have not made any edits to the page, you will have to switch from default to custom. You can find it under the page selection to the right of Content Type.
  4. This will activate the content editing box under the Page Content and Advanced SEO Settings tabs.
  5. Click on the Advanced SEO Settings tab.
    Here you will find a field for your page title, page description and keywords.
  6. Enter your information in these fields and click Save Advanced SEO Settings.

It's best to implement these three tasks on your website's most important pages. Think about your home page, about us page, and lines of business pages. Remember these changes will not be instantly visible within the search results. Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo, however, will update your information automatically.

If you want more information about SEO, check out our other SEO blog posts.




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