11 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Google+ Page

June 18, 2014

Most insurance agents have a one-dimensional Google+ page. Enhancing your Google+ page can convert your prospects into customers and can lead to greater visibility in Google's local search results. You've probably seen local results with a red pin next to them when searching on Google. These results can get a lot of clicks, so it's important to make your Google+ page stand out. Most of the following recommendations are easy to implement.

1. Your Google+ page should be 100% complete. Required fields, company/organization, street address, city/town, state, ZIP and main phone are the most important fields on your Google+ page, so be accurate.

2. Obtain at least five reviews on Google from your clients, so your average review rating appears on your Google+ page and in Google's local search results.

3. Upload a ton of photos to other business listings. Google+ only allows you to upload 10 photos. If you upload photos to business listing websites, like CitySearch, InsiderPages, and Thumbtack, Google will often add these third-party photos to your Google+ page.

4. Add a post to your Google+ page that includes a link to your insurance agency website. This could be your contest, testimonial, newsletter, refer a friend or other special pages.

5. Reply to all reviews on your Google+ page. Whether it's a good or bad review, respond to the review in a professional manner. Try to include the services you offer where applicable.

6. Take a screenshot of your clients' testimonials and post them on your Google+ page. Turn a compliment you received through email or in a letter into bragging rights that prospects can see.

7. Get as many reviews as you can on other business listings. At the bottom of your Google+ page, Google features up to three links to other business listing websites where customers have left you reviews. Your preview area in Google's local search results shows up to four of these links too. This can be found when users hover over your Google+ page from the main search results page.

8. Ask clients, business associates, family or friends to upload photos to your Google+ page through their Google accounts. This is another way to get more than 10 photos on your Google+ page.

9. Add captions to the photos you upload to your Google+ page. Unfortunately, Google+ does not have a way to add captions, so add it to the image itself.

10. If you get enough reviews, 'At a Glance' snippets should appear on your Google+ page. While the exact number of reviews needed is not clear, these snippets are created from reviews on Google+ and reviews and text from other business listings.

11. Submit your agency for an award like "Best of CitySearch" or "Angie's List Super Service Award.' These often show up on your Google+ page and look great if you can get them.

A stale, non-active Google+ page will never live up to its potential. The suggestions above should help your Google+ page's visibility. Is there anything special you do on your Google+ page not mentioned in this blog?

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