10 Warm and Inviting Content Ideas for December

November 30, 2016

10 content ideas for december graphicIn the midst of the holidays, it's hard to believe 2016 is already almost over. We hope this year has been a great one for your insurance agency. But first, be sure to keep the momentum going through the holidays with some fresh content on your website.

Here are 10 content ideas for your December blog, newsletters, and social media posts. Don't forget to check back next month for more great seasonal content ideas.

1. National Cookie Day - December 4th

While there are more obvious holidays in December you can certainly take advantage of, why not cover some fun, obscure ones too?

For example, celebrate National Cookie Day by sharing some of your favorite cookie recipes with your readers. You can even have a cookie exchange in your office. Don't forget to share pictures on social media.

2. 2016 Year in Review

Reflect on the past 12 months with a thoughtful blog post. Don't wait to publish it til January. Plenty of bloggers will publish year-end blog posts throughout December. Take advantage of this trend before the new year, while it's still relevant.

3. Electrical Safety

It seems like every year there's a news story about it. Someone's home burned down right before the holidays due to poor electrical wiring. Be it an older home, or faulty holiday lighting, make sure to address this topic. Let your readers know about possible hazards in their homes.

4. Seasonal Sales

Everyone's on a tight budget after the holidays. That's why those post-holiday season sales are a great opportunity to take advantage of. Write a blog about how your customers can save money at these sales.

For example, many folks will take this chance to buy next year's decorations at deep discounts. December is also a good time to buy those late-model cars.

5. Where are the Germs Lurking?

Ah, the facial tissue industry's favorite season. No doubt you've experienced a lot of sniffles and coughs in your agency's office.

Ever wondered where the germ-iest places lurk in day-to-day life? Your readers are this flu season. Be it the phone, the steering wheel, or the keyboard. List some unexpected germ hubs and a quick, easy way to sanitize them.

6. Home Value Breakdown

What can homeowners do to increase their home value? Or, what do they do to that decreases it? If you write homeowners insurance, you are sure to have some interesting tips. Pass them on.

7. Emergency Contact and Out Of Office

No need to dedicate a full blog post to this brief topic. But, it's important to include it somewhere on your insurance website. Note your holiday hours in an easy-to-find location on your website.

Include emergency contact information in case a client needs you. You may also want to add this information to an upcoming newsletter and your out of office messages.

8. Next Year's Top Trends

Have you ever considered writing a blog other insurance agents would like to read? For example, you could forecast upcoming industry trends based on your vantage point. If your content's posted by someone else, ask them to link back to your website.

9. Why is My Rate Going Up?

You've heard this from your clients before. And, the reasons could be one of many. Maybe your client got into a car accident earlier in the year. Or, it's just time to shop around again. Write a blog post about the various reasons a person's premium can increase.

10. Office Holiday Decorations

Even if your agency has only a handful of employees, why not decorate? Make a fun contest out of it. Post pictures on social media and include them in your newsletter.

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