10 Things to Blog about on Your Insurance Website in October

September 24, 2014

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As the weather gets cooler, there are plenty of fresh topics to write about for your agency's content. But if it's hard for you to come up with ideas, don't worry. We've got 10 great ideas you can write about for your insurance agency website blog or email newsletter in October.

  1. World Teacher's Day (October 5): Teachers play a larger role in raising children than you may think. Remind your clients to show their appreciation to the educators who have impacted their kids for the better.

  2. Recipes for Fall Produce: Pumpkins and fall squash are rolling into grocery stores, waiting to be used for pies, pastas and stews. Share some of your favorite fall produce recipes to give your clients ideas for their meal preparation.

  3. Fire Prevention Week (October 5 to 11): The risk of a home fire significantly increases as the weather cools and heat is required. Help your clients protect their families by offering fire prevention tips, including the creation of an emergency escape plan.

  4. Columbus Day (October 13): On this day in 1492, Christopher Columbus unexpectedly reached America with his fleet. Use this opportunity to teach your clients a bit about history (possibly even flood or travel insurance if you use your imagination), or offer a list of local sales that your clients can check out, especially if they have the day off.

  5. Winterizing the Home: Cleaning out the gutters, trimming trees, weather-stripping the doors and sealing cracks around windows are all chores that need to be done around this time of year, among others. Create a checklist for home winterization so your clients can prepare their homes for the cold weather.

  6. Halloween (October 31): This is a favorite holiday for many fun-loving individuals, but it's not without hazards. Offer your clients safety tips so they can celebrate worry-free. You could discuss pumpkin carving, kids' costume selections, home and office décor, trick-or-treating tips and candy consumption. This is also a great subject for a social media contest: Vote for your favorite Halloween costume, and win a basket of goodies!

  7. Freezing Pipes: One of the biggest wintertime home concerns is freezing pipes. If there's one thing to do to prepare for the cold, it's protecting those pipes by insulating them and keeping a steady flow of warm air around them.

  8. Chimney Inspection: A damaged or dirty chimney can lead to carbon monoxide buildup inside a home or even a fire inside the chimney itself. Write a blog post about getting a chimney professionally inspected to check for cracks or other damages before it's cold enough to use. It's a good idea to hire a chimney sweep to clean out the flammable creosote residue.

  9. Seasoned Wood: You've probably heard that only seasoned wood should be used to burn a fire in a fireplace, but what exactly is seasoned wood? This is the perfect time to do a bit of research and share your findings with your clients so they can build safe fires to keep their families warm.

  10. Winterizing Recreational Vehicles: Just like you prepare your car for winter, those recreational vehicles like boats, RVs and motorcycles also need to be winterized. Put together a checklist for your clients so they can easily make their way through all the necessary tasks before the cold settles in.

Use these 10 content ideas to get a jumpstart on your blog or newsletter for the month. Do you have another great October topic idea? Tell us in the comments below.


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