10 Things to Blog about on Your Insurance Website in November

October 27, 2014

autumn garden

'Tis the season for fresh marketing content. The start of the holiday season is busy for everyone, which is why we've gathered up some great ideas for you. These 10 ideas are a great place to start when writing your agency's blogs and email newsletters in November.

  1. Election Day (November 4): Elections are an important part of our government. I don't recommend sharing your personal politics in a blog post or newsletter, but you could list the candidates or initiatives that may be on your local ballot. You can also list polling locations and provide resources for your clients to help them prepare for Election Day.

  2. Veteran's Day (November 11): This is a day for everyone to show their appreciation for our brave servicemen and women who fight for our freedom. Take a few minutes to write a headline or create a banner to go above your agency's regular content to say thank you to our veterans.

  3. Carbon Monoxide Concerns: Fires and some forms of heating produce carbon monoxide, a deadly colorless, odorless gas that can fill your house if you're not careful. As the cold sets in, remind your clients to install carbon monoxide detectors to keep their families safe throughout winter.

  4. World Diabetes Day (November 14): Diabetes is a chronic illness that plagues many Americans. This is a great time to offer tips to your clients about diabetes prevention and management like dietary changes and regular doctor visits.

  5. Using Candles with Care: The gentle glow and delightful aroma of candles make fall and winter that much sweeter. But any open flame is a fire hazard and must be handled with caution. Share some tips about candle safety, like the importance of not leaving them unattended or where children and pets may disturb them.

  6. Vitamin D Deficiency: Have you ever heard of seasonal affective disorder, commonly known as the winter blues? Promising research links vitamin D to happier moods, along with a variety of additional health benefits. Your clients may find value in more information on this topic.

  7. Movember: Movember is an annual event where men grow mustaches all month to raise awareness and funds for men's health issues, including prostate cancer. If the men in your office take part in Movember, chronicle their mustache growing progress on your blog with pictures. You could even turn it into a contest on social media.

  8. Thanksgiving (November 27): There are several ways to approach the topic of Thanksgiving. You can share what your agency staff is thankful for or out your staff's favorite holiday recipes. Another opportunity is sharing your safety tips, such as turkey frying and cooking safety. Whichever route you choose, our team wishes your agency a very happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Saving on Electricity: Winter is coming. Electric bills can climb quite high as the season progresses, but there are ways to save. Share tips and tricks with your clients, such as reversing the fan blades to push warm air back down.

  10. Black Friday (November 28): Black Friday shopping leads to mob scenes in many cities, creating safety hazards. Share some safety tips with your clients on how to navigate the crowds or to hide purchases in a car trunk to prevent theft.

These 10 content ideas are the perfect way to begin constructing your agency blogs and newsletters for November. And as always, we'd love to hear any other ideas you have in the comments section below!


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