10 Things to Blog about on Your Insurance Website in May

April 21, 2014


Have you been staring at a blank Word document, taunted by the blinking cursor? It's hard to write an email newsletter or blog post when you can't think of a good topic. That's why I've put together a list of 10 great ideas to write about to help you get a jump start on your agency's content for May.

  1. Cinco de Mayo (May 5th): While many people celebrate Cinco de Mayo by drinking beer and margaritas, there are plenty of interesting cultural tidbits to learn about before the fiesta starts. Did you know that the day originally celebrated the Mexican victory during the Battle of Puebla? It's the perfect time to give your clients some fun historical facts and talk about the nutrients and healing properties found within foods that come from south of the border, such as chili peppers, cilantro and avocados.
  2. Mother's Day (May 11th): Share some of your favorite ways to pamper your mother. Do you take her somewhere special or cook a nice meal? Your clients will appreciate the Mother's Day tips so they can plan their own day to celebrate mom.
  3. Memorial Day (May 26th): Many people travel over Memorial Day weekend, so this is a good time to talk about travel safety tips and travel insurance. Equally as popular, hosting a BBQ party can be a fire hazard, which makes it a good time for grilling safety tips. You may even throw in a recipe or two to remind clients that fun is as important as safety.
  4. Allergy relief: Are you struggling with itchy eyes, a drippy nose and constant sneezing? Over-the-counter medicines rarely seem to do the trick, but many natural remedies-a saline nasal wash, Eucalyptus oil, HEPA air filters etc.-have been known to relieve allergy symptoms. Try the remedies out and share your experiences with your clients.
  5. Skin Protection: We all know that being in the sun for extended periods of time can cause serious skin damage. Remind your clients to apply sunscreen or wear long-sleeved shirts and/or brimmed hats when spending time outdoors this summer.
  6. Extreme heat risks: Not only can heat cause dehydration, sun burn and heatstroke, but it can also warp or crack your car's dashboard and other interior components. Compile a list of tips for handling extreme heat so your clients can protect themselves and their vehicles.
  7. Summer home concerns: Summer also brings unique risks to homeowners. For instance, we have to water our foundation here in Texas because of the clay in our soil. Inform your clients of any local summer needs, along with seasonal liability risks, including trampolines and swimming pools.
  8. Water shortage: Many areas of the country see less rainfall during the hot summer months, and some cities even undergo water bans. How do people prepare for a water shortage? Here's your chance to let them know.
  9. Children's activities: Once school is out for the summer, many parents suffer through the whines of bored children. That's no fun for anyone. Help parents out by making a list of a few children's activities, like community sports leagues and arts and crafts projects, to give parents a head start on occupying their kids.
  10. Natural disasters: Spring and summer bring warm weather, but it's not always sunny. In fact, most tornadoes and hurricanes occur during this time of year. Many people are unclear about the details of home insurance, so explain the natural disasters that are included and those that are excluded from standard policies.

With 10 new fresh content ideas in mind, take the afternoon to type up your next few email newsletters or blog posts. What other seasonal ideas can you come up with?


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