10 Things to Blog about on Your Insurance Website in July

June 23, 2014


The hot summer months make it hard to focus on work when travel plans and pool parties linger in your mind. Writing takes focus, but coming up with new topics doesn't have to be difficult. Try these 10 great ideas to write about for your agency's blogs and email newsletters in July.

  1. Independence Day (July 4): The fourth of July is when we celebrate our nation's independence. Are there festivities in your town? List some local firework shows and share your favorite grilling recipes. There's never a wrong way to celebrate a holiday!
  2. RV Insurance: Many people enjoy traveling cross-country in their RVs over summer. Share some pointers with your clients about staying safe on the road, protecting a campsite from wild animals and purchasing the right coverage for their travels.
  3. Travel Insurance: Besides RV travel, many people book cruises and other travel plans during this time. But life happens, and sometimes travel plans must be cancelled at the last minute. Now is the perfect time to share information about travel insurance with your clients so they don't lose expensive, non-refundable down payments.
  4. Summer Activities: Kids may love summer break, but they may get bored by July. Give your clients some ideas on how to entertain their children with various activities, such as sports, cooking, and arts and crafts.
  5. Flood Insurance: Some people are taken by surprise when they learn that floods are not covered by homeowners insurance only after damage has been done. Even though the rainy season is already underway, teaching people how to secure the proper coverage now can save them a lot of trouble in the future.
  6. Cut Back on Gas: Did you know that gasoline can evaporate right out of a car's gas tank on hot, sunny days? People try to cut back on gas usage year-round to save money. However, it's never more important than during the summer since the sun and the air conditioning drain a lot more gas. Make your newsletter valuable and provide tips for trimming gas expenses.
  7. Hot Cars: Auto glass magnifies the sun's heat, making a car's interior much hotter than the temperature outside. It is vital that people never leave children or pets unattended in a hot car. Stress the importance of this issue and offer a few alternative solutions.
  8. Poolside Cool Down: Rather than passing out ice cream or artificially made lemonade during a swimming break, encourage your clients to serve healthier poolside treats. One great option is homemade popsicles using fresh fruit juices. Provide tips and recipes so your clients can enjoy a healthier home.
  9. Hydration: Being out in the summer heat can dehydrate the body very quickly. Remind your clients to constantly hydrate with water. For instance, many people don't think about drinking water while spending an afternoon in the pool, but it's necessary for proper hydration.
  10. Skin Care: The sun's UV rays can damage your skin. A few freckles may be a minor setback, but a malignant mole is not to be taken lightly. Remind your clients about the importance of using sunblock and how beneficial it is for overall health and wellness.

Even if writing isn't your favorite part of the job, it's a key factor in communicating with your clients. Use these ideas and start writing some content today. You'll be glad you did tomorrow!


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