10 Things to Blog about on Your Insurance Website in August

July 23, 2014

The tail end of summer is often exhausting with long, hot days and post-vacation blues. Luckily, you don't have to think hard about your agency's content topics for the month because we've done that for you. Here are 10 great ideas to write about for the blog on your insurance agency website and email newsletter in August.

  1. National Dog Day (August 26): This day is meant to celebrate Fido, and there are many ways to do that in your newsletter or blog. List information for local pet adoption drives, offer doggie health tips and/or warn against leaving dogs unattended in the hot summer sun. More than half of American households own dogs, so don't miss this opportunity to salute man's best friend.
  2. Back to School: August means new clothes and school supply lists for kids. Have you been through this hectic occasion and come out of with some pointers for easing the process? That's great information to share with your clients.
  3. Road Trip Safety: Some people don't have the chance to get away for a luxurious vacation but may try to squeeze in a quick road trip before summer ends. Share some road safety and packing tips along with information about auto insurance.
  4. Coverage Review: Every agent encourages clients to review their coverage each year, but life gets in the way and many people forget over the months. Remind your clients that you're available to help them review their policies as the renewal date approaches.
  5. Dorm Room Tips: It's tough to squeeze a college student's belongings into a tiny dorm room along with another person's stuff. Share some organizational and storage tips to make living in a small space a bit easier when the fall semester starts.
  6. Renters Insurance: Speaking of fall semester, college students need renters insurance if they move into an apartment. Inform your clients about what renters insurance covers and why it's so important to buy it for their children.
  7. Summer Health: With the summer heat still going strong in many places, one can never be reminded enough of the importance of staying healthy. Share some summer health tips with your clients, such as wearing sunscreen, drinking plenty of water and enjoying nutritious seasonal favorites like watermelon and peaches while they last.
  8. Outdoor Activities: Many people enjoy outdoor activities like a morning or evening run while the weather is warm. Share some of your favorite ideas on how to stay active, such as walking your dog (see number one), biking through the park or hand washing your car.
  9. Fall Pool Care: Although there's still another month or two of swimming weather in many places, some people may be thinking ahead to the fall. Offer information about pool covers, safety fences/gates and other ways to take care of pools during the off-season.
  10. Fall Gardening: Fall gardeners may already be buying their seeds and planning their homegrown salads. Do you have a green thumb? Share that knowledge with your clients so they can successfully grow their own fresh produce.

Try these 10 content ideas to get you started on some great blog posts and newsletters for August.

Got another idea for a blog post in August? Tell us in the comments below!


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