10 Things to Blog about on Your Insurance Website in April

March 24, 2014


April is next week. As you start working on your agency newsletters or blog posts for next months, I've put together a list of 10 great ideas to write about to help you get a jump start for next month.

  1. Spring cleaning

    Share tips or tricks to knock out spring cleaning in just hours or a cheap, natural solution to a common household cleaner. Ease the daily lives of your clients and share pointers for making easy work out of a boring chore.
  2. Spring showers and flooding

    April showers bring May flowers, but they can also cause flooding. If your agency serves areas that are prone to flooding, write about how to prep a home for a flood, along with safety tips and information for flood cleanup.
  3. Tornado season

    Though tornados can occur at any time, spring is ripe with the conditions necessary for tornados to form. Similar to the flooding idea, offer tips and warnings that apply to tornado safety and seeking shelter if one is spotted.
  4. Gardening and lawn care tips

    With the sun shining and the rains falling, many people enjoy gardening or reseeding their lawn. Do you have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood? How about a fresh herb garden in your backyard? Pass on the advice so your clients can delight in their own green thumb.
  5. Travel safety

    Whether driving cross-country or cruising to paradise, empty houses are left unoccupied for several days or even weeks. Thieves target homes that appear to be empty, but there are many tactics that can give a home the façade of occupancy while its owners are away. I bet your clients would love to learn about those precautions.
  6. Moving tips

    Many people prefer to move while the weather is warm, making this a great time to offer tips for efficient packing, selecting a moving company and even homeowner's or renter's insurance.
  7. Easter festivities

    Easter is a time for families to gather. Fun as that may be, it also goes hand-in-hand with the stress of planning. Include some of your favorite Easter recipes in your newsletter, or share your favorite Easter games and activities to help your clients easily plan the day's events.
  8. April Fool's Day

    Pulling pranks isn't for everyone, but April Fool's Day is a great excuse for some innocent workplace fun. Organize an employee game day or pass out silly toys (googly eye glasses, Slinkies etc.) to walk-in clients. You can share your wacky ideas with your clients so they can bring the fun into their own workplaces or homes.
  9. Spring liability risks

    Kids are once again enjoying outdoor activities, which can affect a homeowner's liability risk. Swimming pools and trampolines are as dangerous as they are fun if not enjoyed with safety in mind. You already know this, but do your clients? Share some pointers on how to make these warm weather activities safer for everyone.
  10. Outdoor fitness

    We all know exercising is important to stay in good health. The gym can get tiresome, but there are plenty of outdoor exercise options. Do you enjoy running or biking through the park? Share your outdoor fitness favorites to promote the overall wellness of your clients.

Now that your imagination is running wild with fresh content ideas, it's the perfect time to type up your next few blog posts or email newsletters. Do you have any other seasonal ideas? We'd love to hear what you've come up with!


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