10 Springtime Content Ideas for May

April 26, 2017

10 Content Ideas for May graphicSpring is in the air, along with pollen, molds and fresh-cut grass. If you’re sniffling through the month and a bit cloudy from allergy medicine, don’t worry. We have 10 content ideas to choose from for your next agency blog, newsletter, or social media post.

As always, check back next month for even more content ideas for your insurance website.

1. Hurricane Season

Summer is around the corner, and with it, hurricane season. If your agency is in a hurricane-prone area, help your customers prepare. Write a blog post about this devastating weather event. It can be about putting together an emergency readiness kit. Or, do some research and post predictions about this year’s storm severity.

2. National Teachers Day – May 2

For this holiday, share a relevant image or memory on social media of your favorite teacher. Ask your followers to comment with their favorites too.

3. Roof Repairs

Have there been any hail storms in your area in the past few months? Some customers may still need to submit a claim for damage. Or, if a homeowner moves into an older house, they’ll want to check the roof for needed repairs.

4. Mother’s Day – May 15

This holiday always sneaks up on people. In the U.S., Mother’s Day occurs the second Sunday each May. Do your social media followers a favor and remind them one or two weeks ahead to get their preferred gifts.

5. Weekly Hashtags

Some of the same hashtags trend online week after week. If your agency is on social media, why not take part in some weekly hashtags?

For #MondayMotivation, people usually post a motivational quote or picture. On #Throwback Thursday (often shortened to #TBT), folks share old photos from years past. Share a picture of an event you hosted last year, for example.

6. Signs of Water Damage

Water damage is a serious issue for homeowners. It can be costly to repair and reveal greater problems elsewhere in the home. What are signs your customers should watch out for, and how often should they check?

7. Memorial Day – May 29

It’s likely a lot of your customers will be traveling this weekend. Let them know where they can contact you to submit a claim if they run into trouble on vacation. You can even provide instructions on how to bookmark your mobile website. Here’s a great tutorial for different kinds of devices.

8. RV Maintenance Tips

Often, recreational vehicles sit idle for months between uses. And, as summer vacation looms, the season for RVs does too. Come up with a maintenance checklist readers can use before their next road trip.

9. Motorcycle Safety

Do any motorcycle enthusiasts come through your agency doors? Write a blog post for them or include a blurb in your agency newsletter. Discuss the latest motorcycle safety news or beginner tips.

10. Commercial Lines Series: Risks for Outdoor Venues

If your agency offers commercial lines, try writing a blog series for those clients. In the spring, people go to a lot of outdoor recreational venues. Write up a blog post about the specific risks for your clients.

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