10 Spooky Content Ideas for October

September 28, 2016

jack o lantern halloween pumpkin content ideasThere are so many reasons to love October.

Football season is in full swing. It's cool enough to enjoy those classic comfort food recipes. Pumpkin flavored coffees are back. And your insurance blog has lots of great seasonal topics to cover.

I'm sure the wheels in your head are already turning with great ideas for your agency's blog. Here are 10 more to consider.

1. Oktoberfest

So get this: Oktoberfest, for the most part, doesn't occur in October in Germany. It lasts for two weeks in the last part of September.

But, you may find some local Oktoberfest celebrations that are happening in October. They could be as grand as an outdoor festival or as simple as a featured beer at your local pub. Share it on social media.

2. Employer vs. Agent: Life Insurance

Many people get life insurance through their employee benefits package. But, what about when they change employers and downgrade in coverage? Or, if they leave their job and left without coverage?

Don't let your clients fill in the blanks on their own. Inform them of how you can help them.

3. Raking Fall Leaves

Raking leaves is a necessity for fall lawn care. As dead leaves pile up, they block sunlight from reaching your lawn. They can also trap moisture. Plus, enough of them can be plain ugly.

While raking leaves is a bit of a chore, it also is a nostalgic tradition for many families and homeowners. Do you remember raking a big pile of leaves only to jump into the middle of it?

Write a blog post about a fond memory related to this chore (and sneak in some lawn care advice).

4. Getting the Best Coverage for Your Budget

This is another great example of an evergreen blog post. Consumers who don't understand insurance want to know.

Instead of focusing on specific numbers or price points, think about this like an FAQ. What do people need to keep in mind when determining their coverage level? If their first concern is price, how do they fill in the blanks from there?

5. Community Event Calendar

Corn mazes. Pumpkin carving. Hay rides. Fun runs. Fall festivals and state fairs. The list goes on. Fall is most people's favorite season for a reason.

Do a little research and put together a fall calendar of local events for your readers. Make it a shareable PDF. If possible, work with a graphic designer to spruce it up even more.

6. Prep Your Home for the Holidays

It might seem too early to start thinking about holiday parties and family gatherings. But, there are 87 days until Christmas. Now's the time to get your home ready for visitors before the hectic holidays.

Is your dishwasher on the fritz? Haven't replaced that broken drinking glass from last year yet? Are there strange noises coming from your attic?

Encourage your readers to take care of these things now before life gets too crazy. You may want to do a companion piece for auto, too.

7. Coat Drive

It's common for schools to hold coat drives during the holiday season. Why not start one at your agency before it gets too cold?

Start with informing your employees. They can help spread the word.

Promote your coat drive in your newsletter, on social media, and on your home page. Be sure to mention the end date, drop off location (your office), and the charity you are supporting.

8. Reducing Workplace Injuries

Some workplace injuries are unavoidable. But, a little foresight and awareness can help prevent other injuries. Your commercial insurance clients may find a blog post about reducing injuries useful.

Even readers who don't own their own businesses can benefit from this post. No one wants to live with an injury!

9. Cold and Flu Remedies

Ready or not, flu season is almost here. List some preventative measures to keep from getting sick. Talk about where residents in your community can get their flu shot. Does your family have a remedy you swear by? Share it with your readers.

10. Halloween - October 31st

A night of trick-or-treating may not be what you planned for on your Monday night, so be sure to let your readers know to have candy on hand!

Your Halloween blog post can also highlight trick-or-treating safety tips. Things like chaperones, after-dark visibility, and double-checking candy your child brings home are great jumping off points.

Be sure to post a festive message and picture on your social media channels, too. Especially if your office is doing a costume contest.

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