10 Social Media Ideas to Encourage Engagement

November 14, 2014


Social media is important for insurance agencies because when used correctly social media as part of your agency marketing plan can help you stay in contact with your clients and reach new people. It can even humanize your agency by showing your followers that you're not a boring agent who's stuck behind a computer screen.

I've stated before the importance of keeping up with your social media pages and not abandoning them, but I understand that some days coming up with content is hard.

Here are 10 social media ideas to help keep your followers engaged and your social media pages active.

  1. Discussions - Post a topic or an article and ask your followers to comment with their opinions. While you may want to keep the discussions insurance related, you don't have to. Consider pop culture or a highly-anticipated movie about to hit the theater, ask your followers if they plan on seeing it.

  2. Link to Your Favorite Article/Blog Post - Sharing is caring so look for informative, entertaining, or inspirational articles or blogs and repost them. If you repost an article or a blog from your insurance agency website or about your agency, you get bonus points because it will give you more exposure and drive more traffic to your website.

  3. Behind the Scene Agency Photos - Insurance is a personable and customer service-focused industry. Consumers like to know who they're doing business with and nothing will show the personality of you and your agency more than sharing behind the scene photos of your office. If you have an office party or participate in a charity event, post those photos to your social media accounts so your fans can get a greater view of your agency.

  4. Fun Facts - There is a wide range of topics that you can cover when posting fun facts. Search the web for ideas to make it quick and easy. The more interesting the fact, the more likes and shares it'll get, which equals more exposure for your agency.

  5. Testimonials - Post testimonials and reviews you've received from your clients. You'll remind your followers why they love your agency, which may even help with your retention. As best practice, before sharing the testimonials on social media, get the client's consent to use their testimonials in your marketing.

  6. Holiday Themed Posts - Ask your social media followers what they anticipate doing for the upcoming holiday or perhaps suggest ideas of some holiday-themed events happening in your area. This doesn't have to be restricted to the Thanksgiving and Christmas season either.

  7. Fill in the Blank - A great way to keep your followers engaged is to post a fill in the blank question or story and have them fill in the blank. For example, When I was younger, I wanted to be a/an _____ when I grew up. This is an also a fun way got get to know your clients better. You can jump start the fun by answering your own fill in the blank question first.

  8. Trending Topics - Hashtags are still going strong so search Facebook or Twitter for the day's most popular topics then ask your followers to share their opinions. This will make for a fun moment and further establish the personality of your agency on social media.

  9. Quotes - Post famous or inspirational quotes. This is also a quick and easy post and is a Google search away.

  10. Throwback Photos - Share with the world those old company photos like a past event or a former logo or ad that was used. This is especially fun if your agency has operated for years. This will allow your clients and even remind your employees how much your agency has grown.

Don't find yourself in a social media slump. Instead, use some of these ideas to spice up your social media and keep your social media followers and fans entertained.


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