10 Sizzlin’ Hot Content Ideas for June

May 25, 2016

June Road Trip MapAre you already planning ahead for your blog's posting schedule in June? Or, are you reading this in July and running way behind schedule?

Either way, feel free to use some of these ideas to spice up your insurance agency website. You can also use them in your agency newsletter or on social media.

Remember, your blog doesn't have to be all business. You can use it to post about events, personal stories, company culture, and more. Your blog is your oyster!

1. School's Out For Summer

June marks the end of the year for school districts across the country. Students and faculty alike are burnt out and relieved summer break is around the corner.

It's timely to write a school year in review post. Or, perhaps a blog looking to the future as move on to the next, be it high school or college.

You can also write about ideas for what to do with the kids when school is out so they don't get bored.

2. Graduation Advice

You know what graduating seniors are sick of besides schoolwork? People asking them 'What's next?'

Write a blog to address this. An interesting and unique perspective would be 'What Not to Ask a Graduating Senior.'

Or, go for a nice story about when you graduated from school. What mindset were you in and how did you handle the transition?

3. Roadtrippin'

Summer road trips are officially beginning. Remind your readers that they need to not only check their cars for a tune up but come in for an insurance tune up as well.

As their agent, you want to help your clients make sure their auto coverage is appropriate. Also, be sure to mention recreational vehicle insurance if you offer it.

4. Secure Your Valuables

This topic could be a two-part blog, paired with the previous topic. While traveling, we want to know our belongings are secure.

Share tips for securing valuables while out of town. Also, let your clients know the time to insure that wedding ring, laptop or SLR camera is before going on trips.

5. Father's Day - June 19th

Father's Day falls on the third Sunday in June each year. Does your community have local events to celebrate Father's Day?

Suggest a handful of community events that your clients would enjoy. Or, write a personal blog about how you plan to spend quality time with the dads in your life.

6. Driving Safely

In the summer, there are more drivers (especially of the teenage variety) on the roads. Write a blog post covering the most dangerous intersections and blind spots in your area.

Remind your clients to pay extra attention in these areas. You can look up statistics from local news sources and governmental agencies.

7. Every Day a Holiday

According to the internet, every day is a holiday if you want it to be. June 10th is Iced Tea day. June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day.

Check out websites like this one and post a list of the funniest holidays you can find for June. You can also use these holidays for some cute social media posts.

8. Flag Day

Go check your closest calendar. It can be the one hanging in the breakroom or the calendar on your smartphone. I bet there is an entry under June 14 for Flag Day.

Now answer this: What does Flag Day celebrate? If you wrote a blog post about it, I bet you'd know!

Flag Day celebrates the day the U.S. flag was adopted in 1777. The holiday wasn't proclaimed until 1916, 139 years later, by Woodrow Wilson. It is an official federal holiday worth writing about.

9. National Donut Day - June 3rd

First of all, you should be celebrating donut day in your agency. It is another one of those great niche holidays to post about on your social media channels. So, take some fun pictures of your team enjoying some delicious fried dough.

The accompanying blog post can be short and sweet. Share some pictures of the celebrations. Or, include a checklist of the must-try donuts and sweets in your community. Everyone loves donuts!

10. Summer Jobs

It seems like everyone has a funny or touching story of summer jobs from adolescence. June is a great time to tell a story from one of your past jobs.

Perhaps it started you down a path that led you to the insurance industry. Or, maybe it's a fun and silly story. Just make sure that the stories are appropriate before you publish it.

Your readers will enjoy reading about you because it makes you more human and likeable. You're not just another insurance agent or insurance agency website.

What content ideas do you have for this month? Leave some in the comments!

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