10 March Content Ideas for Insurance Agents

February 10, 2021 Zach Weeks

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for some warm weather.

March is right around the corner, and springtime is coming into view. Maybe you’re like me… Daydreaming about leaving my home office and taking a nice walk in beautiful weather.

Here are a few warm March content ideas to give your insurance agency website, newsletter, or social media profile a boost.


1: Outdoor Fitness Ideas

March is a great time to stretch your legs and get back to those outdoor activities for many. Do you love to bike, hike, run, or take your dog to a local dog park? Share your favorite trails, safety tips, or a spot that has a beautiful view. I think it is safe to say most of us have never been this cooped up before, so your audience will appreciate it.


2: Employee Appreciation Day – March 2

At ITC, Employee Appreciation Day is usually synonymous with food. If we were all in the office, we’d be treated to breakfast, lunch, and sugary sweets making up one delicious day.

This year, we’ve got something a little different planned (sorry, no spoilers 😉). Share some fun content ideas with your followers for how you can show your employees some love! Maybe some cookies from a local bakery, or a fun email with puzzles and games.

You might not be together in the office this year. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let your employees know how much you care.


3: Most Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Every year more people are entering the marketplace for insurance. At least once a year, it is good practice to share some frequently asked questions for people who are buying insurance for the first time. This is also a great search engine optimization opportunity! Use common keywords and phrases that young people would ask. For example:

  • What do I need to get my car insured?
  • What is the difference between collision physical damage coverage or comprehensive physical damage coverage?
  • How can I lower the cost of my home insurance?
  • How much life insurance should an individual own?


4: Daylight Saving Time – March 14

Yes, it is already time for daylight saving time to begin again. Remember, in the spring, we spring forward and gain an hour. Remind your clients to set their watches and clocks around the house to an hour earlier on this date. Smartphones do not need to be set. Write an evergreen blog about Daylight Savings Time to capture more online traffic.


5: A Day in the Life of an Insurance Agent

Do you ever wonder what some folks do all day? Well, they may have wondered the same about you. This topic idea could serve a few purposes. For example, it appeals to people who want to start their own agency. It would also be an interesting read for clients who work in sectors far removed from insurance.


6: International Day of Happiness – March 20

The United Nations founded this global holiday when it passed a resolution stating, “…the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal.” Also known as Happiness Day, it is a simple idea but a powerful one. Share what makes you happy about this holiday on social media. You could even turn it into a video of you and your staff all talking about what brings them joy. Ask your followers to play along by commenting or replying to the post.


7: Gardening Season

Does anyone have a green thumb?

Many people picked up gardening during their extended time at home and are looking for the perfect time to start planting! Working in a garden can serve as a great source of happiness and is a great excuse to get outside. If you love to garden, share some tips for what to plant next month. Or, use it as an opportunity for a local expert to write a guest blog on your insurance website.


8: March Madness

March Madness is right around the corner. Share a bracket challenge with a prize on your social media channels and get as many involved as you can! Have a team in the NCAA tournament this year? Host a virtual watch party with people in your local community. Even people who are not avid basketball fans can get involved and have some fun.                                                               


9: Sports Vehicle Coverage

For owners of sports cars, warmer weather means it is time to let the hood down and break out the toys. Whether it's a boat, ATV, or an RV, it's important your clients know how to insure these investments. Let your clients know which policies your agency writes.


10: Tornado Prep

With the warmer weather comes the inevitable tornado season. Do you live in a tornado-prone area? Share tips with your clients on how they can prepare for the upcoming season. This could include how to make a home emergency kit or how to take cover if a tornado occurs.

About the Author

Zach Weeks

As Content Marketing Specialist, Zach Weeks manages and implements ITC's marketing efforts, spanning customer communications, social media, content, and email marketing. He has a bachelor's degree in editing, writing, and media from Florida State University. Zach enjoys sports writing, competitive gaming, and spending time with his family and pets.

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