10 Local Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Branding

January 31, 2014


Local Marketing and Branding


Local marketing should be its own line in your marketing budget that you prepare every year. Although online marketing is seen as the future of marketing, many insurance agencies will not be able to capitalize on it due to their location's demographics. An effective local marketing strategy can complement an online presence by helping your brand become better known to those that are searching for a local independent insurance agency. Here are 10 ideas that you can use to market locally.

  1. Sponsor a Local Event

    Be selective when you choose the event. If the event is big enough, thousands of people might be walking around the event with a program or handout with your logo on it. This is an easy way to get your brand seen by a large amount of people.

  2. Insure a Local Event

    Similar to sponsoring an event, you can insure it. Talk to the event organizers and ask if you can place your logo on some of their materials saying that you insured it. An insurance company insuring a large event makes a ton of sense. It will make sense to the attendees as well.

  3. Postcards and Mailers

    Create an attractive and engaging postcard to send to a target market in the community. Focusing on high value home insurance? Make a postcard that represents luxury. Otherwise it will get tossed aside. A strategic design change can boost your results.

  4. Magnets and Calendars

    Pick a local sports team, put their schedule, your logo and your contact information on it, and make it into a magnet. People leave those on their fridge year round. Calendars, which can be somewhat more expensive, can have the same effect. Calendars serve a purpose and everyone can use an extra calendar.

  5. Flyers and Pamphlets

    Ask local restaurants, gyms and community centers if you can leave a stack of flyers or pamphlets that their customers and visitors can take with them. Make sure it is eye catching, so it stands out from the other freebies.

  6. Partner with Local Businesses

    Let's talk about auto and home lines. What local businesses could provide you auto leads? New and used car dealerships, auto body shops and local garages. For home insurance, you could partner with home builders, realtors or home repair companies. Don't forget apartment complexes for renters insurance.

  7. YellowPages Ad

    Some demographics are still hooked on the YellowPages. Depending on the cost, I would consider taking out an ad. Be careful that you don't get sold services you don't need, like another website.

  8. Host an Event

    From a marketing seminar to a meet and greet, hosting an event is a great way to establish your name with local businesses. The idea is to foster a sense of community with other business, while you collect their business cards and contact information on the side. This can give you fresh leads and can generate some referral business too.

  9. Attend Local Fairs

    Buy a booth and promote your agency. Be friendly and talk to people walking by. Plenty of people don't really know how insurance works, so provide them value by educating them while there. Run a contest where you can collect their information then activate a drip marketing campaign for them.

  10. Enter Award Competitions

    Local newspapers and magazines will give local awards out every year. Enter various contests around town. If you win, you can have some free publicity and can promote that to your customers. Everyone is impressed when they see a company with a bunch of awards. It means they are doing something right.

Local marketing is something that every independent insurance agent should be doing. You don't have to do all of the things listed above, but pick a couple and make that a priority in 2014. Then in 2015, add to it. Integrating local and online marketing will help you use your marketing dollars effectively.


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