10 Fresh Content Ideas for March

February 27, 2017

10 content ideas for MarchFor many independent insurance agents, busy season is upon you. It is a bit more difficult to stay on top of your agency marketing efforts this time of year, but that's okay.

We have 10 solid content ideas for your insurance agency. Some are seasonal, and some are appropriate throughout the year. Use them for your blog, newsletter, social media, or wherever applicable. We'll see you back here next month for more ideas.

1. Refresh Your Online Presence

It's time for some digital spring cleaning. Is your website outdated? If it's been a few years, it may be time to refresh your homepage at least. What about your newsletter? Try out a new template this month. Don't forget about social media, either. It takes two minutes to switch out your profile picture and cover photo.

2. Spring Sports Safety

Baseball, softball, soccer, and golf are officially in season. Research safety tips for these popular spring sports. Look to medical and sports league websites for guidelines. This type of post is a great resource your customers can reference year after year.

3. Daylight Savings - March 12th

Yes, it's already time to reset our clocks again. Remind your customers on social media. Who knows, you may keep them from missing an appointment the next day!

4. Landslides

If your agency serves an area that is prone to heavy rain and mudslides, write about it. This environmental threat can cause serious damage. As spring continues, heavy rainfall can increase risk to homeowners. Include a section about landslides in your March newsletter.

5. Vacation Home Insurance

Does your insurance agency serve many customers with vacation properties? Think about writing content for them. Include it on the homeowners page of your insurance website, or link to it.

6. St. Patrick's Day - March 17th

You'd better be wearing green on March 17th. Commemorate this holiday by wearing your favorite green garment. Or, take your agency out to lunch at a nearby pub. Don't forget to celebrate on social media too!

7. Spring Break Safety

It seems like at least once per year, someone's child is seriously injured during spring break. It's difficult to mitigate risky behavior in young adults. Still, try offering up some proactive safety advice. For example, using the buddy system, or regular check-ins with the main group.

8. Change Your Password

I don't know when you're reading this, but I'll bet it's time to change your password. The same likely goes for your customers, too. With the prevalence of cyber threats, they could be vulnerable. Start with this blog post for some of our best strong password tips.

9. Spring Equinox - March 20th

It's officially spring, now. Plant a tree, or go on a group walk your agency. If you don't have time, post a picture of springtime on your Facebook page. Here in Texas, bluebonnets would do the trick.

10. Top Tunes Playlist

Here's a fun one that will let your customers get to know you a little better. Do you listen to music at work? Or have a few standbys that always get you pumped up for the day? Share a few of your top songs with your readers. Ask them to share their own.

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