10 February Topics for Your Insurance Website Blog

January 26, 2015

child playing in the snow


Stumped on topics for your agency's marketing content? Writer's block is no excuse to not send your monthly newsletter or to leave your blog idle. Here are 10 ideas to write about for your agency's blogs and email newsletters in February 2015.

  1. Groundhog Day (February 2): Every year people are hopeful winter will come to a quick end. But, the groundhog could see his shadow, and we bundle back up. Cheer up your clients by sharing some of your favorite things about winter, like hearty meals or cold weather activities.

  2. Valentine's Day (February 14): Do you have ideas for the perfect romantic evening? Perhaps a nice restaurant or a delectable meal to prepare at home? Share them with your clients. You could also turn it into a contest by asking your clients to submit their favorite Valentine's Day dates. Best idea gets dinner for two.

  3. Fireplace Safety: If you're in a colder climate, it's still peak fireplace season. Remind your clients about fireplace safety, like using the right type of wood or disposing of ashes to reduce the risk of a house fire.

  4. Hot Beverage Recipes: What's more satisfying on a cold winter day than a nice, warm beverage? Share your favorite hot chocolate or tea recipe with your clients so they can enjoy the sweet warmth as well.

  5. Taking a Home Inventory: Your clients may be under- or over-insured if they haven't taken a home inventory. Show your value as an independent agent and help them pay for the right amount of coverage. Walk them through the steps of creating a home inventory.

  6. Car Washing in Winter: Wintertime is the most important time to keep cars clean. Road salt and sand can corrode the undercarriage and paint job of cars. Remind your clients to wash their cars regularly throughout the season.

  7. Local Indoor Events: Being stuck indoors during the winter doesn't mean being stuck at home. Write a list of local indoor events, from museum exhibits to concerts that your clients can attend for a change of scenery.

  8. Shopping for a Marina: For those who wish to buy a boat in the spring, now is the time to shop for a marina before the slips are full. Provide tips on choosing the right marina. Also, explain the basics of boat insurance to help clients protect their investments.

  9. Annual Coverage Review: It's in your clients' best interests to review their coverage every year. Remind them that your agency is available to assist with this process to ensure they receive the best deal possible.

  10. Prepping RVs for Spring: For those in warmer climates, warmer weather is around the corner. Your clients may be itching to hit the road in their RVs, so offer some tips on prepping an RV for another fun season of travel and camping.

Is your writer's block cured? We hope so! Pick your favorite topic, and get started on your agency blogs and newsletters for February.

Can you think of any other seasonal topics? Share your ideas in the comments section below.


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