10 Email Marketing Faux Pas You’re Probably Making

February 2, 2018


We often consider an email to be successful if the message hits inboxes without noticeable spelling or layout issues.

However, sending an email without blatant errors doesn’t necessarily signify a well-executed email. Behind the well-written copy there may lie significant problems that are ruining your marketing efforts.

Join AgencyBuzz Product Manager Heather Cherry for Masters of Marketing on Thursday, February 15th at 12:00 p.m. CT. and learn about 10 email marketing mistakes that you may be making right now.

We’ll cover topics such as...

  • Subject lines
  • Send frequency
  • List management
  • ...and more!

You will leave with a better understanding of where your email marketing strategy could cost you opens and click-throughs. Register for this free webinar today! 

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