10 Content Ideas for February

January 13, 2021 Zach Weeks


Having trouble coming up with ideas for next month’s content? Writer’s block is no excuse to not send your monthly newsletter or update your blog with fresh content. Here are 10 ideas to write about for your agency’s blog in February 2021.


1: Groundhog Day (February 2)

Always celebrated on February 2, this folk holiday is a fun one to share on your Facebook page. According to legend, if the groundhog sees its shadow, spring will arrive early that year. If it is a cloudy day and there is no shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter weather. Here is some fun inspiration!


2: Spring Cleaning to Spring Maintenance

Take spring cleaning one step further this year. Level up to spring maintenance!

Provide your clients with a list of spring maintenance activities that can help them keep their homes safe, secure, and at low risk of home insurance claims. For example, having your home inspected for pests or cleaning out the gutters.

A safe home is a happy home year-round.


3: Hot Beverage Recipes

What's more satisfying on a cold winter day than a nice, warm beverage? Share your favorite hot chocolate or tea recipe with your clients so they can enjoy the sweet warmth as well. This is another great photo contest opportunity! Everyone has a favorite mug. Ask your followers to share a picture of their favorite hot beverage in their favorite mug. The person with the most likes gets a gift card to Starbucks or another local coffee shop.


4:New Year, New Policy

Does your agency sell commercial lines? A lot can change in a year, especially for small or growing companies during a pandemic. Businesses should plan on reviewing their policy at least once per year. What better time to do this than the new year?


5: Annual Coverage Review

You want to always provide your clients with the best deal possible. Remind them you can review their coverage when it’s time to renew their policy. Let them know your agency is there to help them through the process.


6: Super Bowl (February 7)

It's been a weird year, but we’ve still got the Super Bowl. At this point, it should be a national holiday.

Don't forget to post about the big game on your agency's social media channels. Take part in some friendly competition and post who you're rooting for. Share your favorite Super Bowl snacks or recipes. Make a fun photo contest and ask your followers to share pictures of their pandemic Super Bowl parties.


7: Top 5 Snow Day Activities

Winter is in full effect and that means the occasional snow day. Cure their cabin fever with some helpful recommendations on what to do on the next snow day. What can their family do when they run out of snowballs?


8: Early Bird Tax Returns

Many Americans have already begun to receive important tax documents for their 2020 returns. Does your agency do taxes? Encourage your customers to stay ahead of the rush and get their tax returns prepared early. Does your agency partner with a local tax professional? Add them to your Community Partners web page.


9: Valentine’s Day (February 14)

Share your ideas for a perfect romantic evening indoors!

Many may be staying home for Valentine’s Day this year. Share some great valentine’s day dinner recipes or fun activities to do with your significant other from home. Here’s another fun idea… Start a contest and ask your clients to submit their favorite Valentine’s Day dates.

The best idea gets dinner for two.


10: Referral Rewards Promotion

Want more referrals? Ask for them!

Want even more? Incentivize them. Every referral from a client gets one entry into a drawing for something exciting. Promote in your monthly newsletter every month. Share it on social media. You can even create a fun landing page on your insurance agency website.

We hope we helped with that pesky writer’s block. Pick your top two topics and get started on your latest content.

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Zach Weeks

As Content Marketing Specialist, Zach Weeks manages and implements ITC's marketing efforts, spanning customer communications, social media, content, and email marketing. He has a bachelor's degree in editing, writing, and media from Florida State University. Zach enjoys sports writing, competitive gaming, and spending time with his family and pets.

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