10 A-May-Zing Insurance Blog Content Ideas for May

April 25, 2016

Content Ideas for Month of MayYour blog content should be original and engaging. This is not only for SEO purposes but for your readers as well.

Post about timely topics your readers would find interesting this time of year. Use this as a casual guide for your content needs this month. If you know about something cool happening in your local community, write about it!

Keep your insurance agency website blog content as fresh as a spring day with these May content ideas.

1. May Flowers

We're all familiar with the saying 'April showers bring May flowers.' Encourage your readers to take advantage of the temperate springtime weather. They can visit a botanical garden or arboretum to observe exotic blooms.

Or, offer some lawn care tips to spruce up those flower beds. You can also share tips on floral arrangements with flowers from their gardens.

2. May the Fourth , a.k.a. Star Wars Day - May 4th

While not a national holiday, it's likely you'll hear someone say 'May the fourth be with you.' This is of course a play on the famous Star Wars line 'May the force be with you' as told to Luke Skywalker. Star Wars fans of all ages love this holiday.

Plainly put, this holiday is inescapable on social media. Show your agency's fun side, and post about it. You can celebrate by sharing a fun picture or meme on social media. Or, you can have a Star Wars day in your office and dress up in your favorite Star Wars tees and gear. Just make sure you take a picture and share it on social media!

3. Graduation Season

'Tis the season for graduation parties and long commencement ceremonies. The end of May is prime graduation season for university students. Write about the kinds of insurance a newly graduate college student needs as they embark on their own.

4. Cinco de Mayo - May 5th

It is most often celebrate with some Mexican cuisine and cultural parades. Many Americans incorrectly assume Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexican Independence Day. That holiday actually occurs on September 16th. Cinco de Mayo commemorates an unlikely military victory over the French in 1862.

This year, Cinco de Mayo also falls on a Tuesday. Many Mexican restaurants offer Taco Tuesday specials! Share your team's favorite places. Also, remind your readers to not drink and drive if they are celebrating with margaritas.

5. Boating Season Begins

Usually by late May, it's warm enough in most of the country for boating season to begin. Even if it's not, it will be time to hit the lake soon enough. Either way, May is a good time to help your readers brush up on their boat insurance knowledge.

You could post something simple like an FAQ or basic overview of coverages. Or, something more specific, like local ordinances that boaters need to be aware of.

6. Mother's Day - May 8th

Despite your best efforts, you have probably almost forgot about Mother's Day at some point in your life.

Remind your social media followers a week to ten days before. Or, if it goes out early enough, include a reminder in your newsletter. Your clients will appreciate the timely reminder.

7. Dog Parks

Something about spring makes people come out of their homes and gather at the local dog park.

This topic can appeal to a wide audience because a lot of people have a dog. This informational blog post can cover a range of topics. You can write about topics like pet insurance, how to keep muddy paws out of your car, or basic safety tips.

8. Wedding Season

Depending on your locale, May tends to be the high season for most outdoor weddings. The weather isn't too hot yet, and the flowers are blooming.

You can write about the necessary coverages for many types of wedding vendors, from DJ to venue. Or, talk about combining auto policies once a couple gets hitched.

9. Memorial Day - May 29th

Memorial Day occurs on the last Monday each May. The roots of this national holiday goes back to 1865 and the end of the Civil War.

While many citizens appreciate this holiday for the long weekend, they also pay respects. They spend this free time with their families, attend patriotic displays, and thank servicemen.

Share events happening in your area on your blog or in your newsletter so your clients can celebrate. You can also write about your team's favorite ways to spend Memorial Day weekend.

10. Road Trips

As the weather and road conditions improve, motorists plan their next road trip. Whether it's a family vacation or a scenic motorcycle drive, more folks are on the road this time of year.

Go the informational route and post about some day trips that are a few hours away. Or, write about the auto and motorcycle insurance your agency offers.

Hopefully these topics jogged your creative juices for your blog or newsletter. Have any other topics that come to mind? Share them below in the comments!

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