4 Unexpected Color Schemes for Your Insurance Website

January 22, 2018 Karly Baker


Abstract Colors

Color matters. It can cause powerful reactions and even drive us to action. For example, red makes us think stop and green make us think go.

Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions, according to Jill Morton, a color psychologist and branding expert. 

Consider the effect color has on your insurance website’s visitors. It’s an important part of the design process.

Yet, it is often one of the most overlooked elements of a successful website. 

Target Audience and Branding

When deciding on the appropriate colors for a website, consider your target audience.

If you tailor your branding and communication style to them, you will be more effective.

A target audience doesn’t only help your agency connect with customers effectively. It also gives your brand direction.

Your website designer will advise you on elements like colors, photos, positioning and layout. But, your target audience is valuable information designers need.  

Go the Unexpected Route

Unexpected color schemes set your agency apart online. Distinction is important as websites compete for attention of online consumers.

Pay attention to how the following color combinations make an impression on you. Then, think about what colors you'd use on your insurance website.


I respond well to neutral colors, like these. These colors give me a sense of peace, happiness and being at ease.

All Isle Insurance Website Screenshot
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All Isle Color Scheme

Many agency websites feature bright, bold colors to grab attention. Those portray a high energy feeling.

But, what if customers seek your agency in a time of need or in negative circumstances? They may respond to a soothing, neutral color scheme.  


Here is another great example of an unexpected color.

PLR Insurance website screenshot
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PLR color scheme

Purple can have a feminine quality. But, looking at this website, I don’t get a feminine vibe at all.

What makes this color scheme successful is the main photo. Notice the very subtle pink and purple hues. This photo balances the primary purple color  with the agency’s brand perfectly.


Green and Gold

Take a look at the website below. The primary colors are muted gold and forest green. What impression does this color scheme have on you?

Hutton Group Website Screenshot

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HUtton color scheme

As soon as I saw this website, I thought of words like dependable and industrious. That may be because the colors on this website also mimic the colors of currency.

There are no gold coins and green dollars on this homepage. But, these two colors, plus a complementary hero image, makes a powerful impression.

Red, White, and Blue

It can be tricky using such a recognizable set of colors. It’s a lot to live up to. But, they can resonate well with the right target audience.

LJ Brinkman Insurance Website screenshot
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LJ color scheme


If you think your target audience would respond well to a patriotic color scheme, consider it.


Make an Impression

On average, viewers spend less than 15 seconds on a website. That’s not a lot of time. But, colors can help make a good first impression.

Your website colors and branding are a direct representation of who you are. They show why someone should choose your insurance agency over another. 

Looking to refresh your agency website with a new color scheme? Contact us today for a free consultation. 

About the Author

Karly Baker

As a website coordinator, Karly Baker is the initial contact to customers who purchase Insurance Website Builder. She coordinates all aspects of website design between the customer and our graphic designers. She graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. Being an athlete since childhood has created a desire in Karly to always strive for excellence and never quit.

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