Transform Your Insurance Logo in 3 Easy Steps

November 7, 2018 Jayci Morrison

Transform your insurance logo chameleon

Before we begin, I have to admit something. This blog will not be a step-by-step process to refresh your insurance agency logo. Since there are many readers to this blog, this will be more of an overview of the logo refresh process.

Before beginning, consider why you’re updating or refreshing your logo. Has your agency grown? Perhaps you gained a new audience, new competition, or new values.

Another reason for a refresh is if your logo more than 20 years old. A refreshed logo signals a refreshed business to consumers. Or, maybe your agency found a new lucrative line of business. Have you widened your scope of products offered?

Once you've figured out your why, you can begin.

1. Simplify did an experiment with logo recognition. They selected 10 iconic brands and had people draw the logo from memory.

Dominos hand drawn logos from

They found "most people are very good at recalling brand colors...while shapes and elements in logos are harder to recall."

This experiment shows the busier your logo is, the harder your logo is to remember. As people remember colors better than shapes and names, try to keep to about three colors in your logo.

A final reason that simplicity is key: Printing. I know everything is mobile-first, but business cards and charity 5k t-shirts are still a thing. The simpler a logo, the easier it is to print.

2. Color

Since we learned how big of an impact color has on customers' memory, why not shake it up a bit? Toys R Us made a subtle update to their logo’s color scheme as part of their recent refresh.

toys r us logo old and new

Meanwhile, Mall of America did a more extensive color refresh.

mall of america logo

Colors have the opportunity to make your brand stick in the mind of the consumer. Use them well. Re-read my blog Your Agency's Digital Personality for a refresher on color psychology.

3. Font

There's no right font to choose. It all depends on your agency and its style. Don't be afraid to try something new or different. Usually, different sets you apart from your competitors.

While we've seen brands move away from serif fonts, there are a few companies that have stuck to their guns.

mail chimp logos

instagram logos

MailChimp and Instagram updated their script fonts but still stuck with them. Pandora decided to beef up its serif instead of switching to a sans-serif.

pandora music logos

But, Oxford Dictionaries did switch from a serif to a sans-serif. So there really is no right or wrong. As long as what you choose represents your current brand.

oxford dictionaries logos

Think about changing up the weight of your letters. Try using a bold or light version of the font to adjust the thickness.

Out With The Old

After you've updated your agency logo, the next part is the unveiling. Depending on your customers, you could announce it to them with an email. Or, simply replace the old with the new. Some places to switch out your logo are your…

  • Agency website
  • Email signature
  • Business cards, letterhead and other print materials
  • Social media profile pictures
  • Email marketing templates
  • Current advertisements

However you update your logo, ask yourself these questions during the process:

"Does this represent my company well?"

"Will this reach my target audience?"

"Will this represent my company for the next 25 years?"

Happy revamping, redesigning, and refreshing!

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