The Top 5 Graphic Design Trends for 2019

December 10, 2018 Jayci Morrison


2018 to 2019 jump

With January right around the corner, I feel the need to do something big. If you read my blog last December, I had all the ideas and thoughts about what was to come in 2018. Some were spot on, and others have yet to come to fruition. Let’s expand the insurance design bubble one year at a time! Let's dive in!


1.Bold Pastels

Last year I mentioned bolder and brighter colors were in our future. I can definitely say they're not moving to the rear view anytime soon. Pantone released its 2019 color of the year: Living Coral.

pantone color of the year


It's exactly what it sounds like. But, Pantone's description of Living Coral also describes what will happen with color this year.

pantone living coral quote


"Energizes and enlivens with a softer edge." That’s what we're going to see next year in 2019: Bright pastels that are still exciting.

2. Gradients

Along with bright pastels, gradients will be reborn, especially in type. With the capabilities of today’s screens, gradients are an easy way to give life and movement to text.

3. Classic Typography

Last year I also mentioned bold typography as a 2018 trend. We saw a lot of lowercase sans-serif logos and branding packages. Which is why I think it's going to spur a revival of classic fonts.

Typewolf website

A lot of serifs have been popping up on the type blog I follow Typewolf. A nod to the old Bookman style is definitely in design's future.


4. Illustration

Last year I predicted there would be an explosion of illustrated graphics on the web, and I think I was right. There's even illustration in insurance. Check out the illustration on Lemonade’s website.

lemonade website


In 2019 illustrations are going to be bigger than ever. These can give companies a personality and an injection of fun. Insurance agencies can use illustration in their designs to to stay current.


5. Inclusion

And finally, illustration will help portray the biggest trend of 2019: Inclusiveness. Through a blog I follow, I was lead to Airbnb's illustrative re-brand. The article, titled Your Face Here, is about how Airbnb's illustrators worked to make sure that three tenants were followed.

airbnb illustration

airbnb quote


Making websites and technology more inclusive and easier to use should be everyone’s goal, because “We are all only temporarily abled.”


So, there you have it, all my thoughts and predictions for 2019. Enjoy your holidays and have a fantastic new year!

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Jayci Morrison is a design and media specialist on ITC's Insurance Website Builder team. She's responsible for giving each website its distinctive look and then bringing that look to life. She also has a hand in creating AgencyBuzz email templates, ITC marketing collateral, and any other design needs the team has. When she's not staring at a computer screen, she can be found anywhere outdoors with her husband and their two dogs.

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