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September 4, 2019

As of last year, Instagram has more than 800 million monthly users. What does this mean for your insurance agency? There is marketing potential in Instagram that you're missing out on. ITC CMO Becky Schroeder explains how your insurance agency can start using Instagram today.

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Video Transcript

Instagram made headlines when Facebook purchased it for one billion dollars. It was the largest acquisition Facebook had made up to that point. And, it signified a focus on visual content by consumers and social networks.

As of last year, Instagram has more than 800 million monthly users. That is more than double Twitter's number of users. What does this mean for your insurance agency? There is marketing potential in Instagram that you're missing out on. Here’s how you can start using Instagram today. 

Instagram allows you to share your business through pictures and videos. It has filters for editing photos, Instagram Stories with face filters and stickers, and live streaming capabilities.

Don’t let the fact that is an image-based app intimidate you.

First, make the most of your profile. You'll want to set up a business profile. It has different capabilities than a personal Instagram profile, like access to insights, advertising, and being able to post contact information.  

Pick your agency's handle. Upload your logo as the profile picture. It will help people recognize your agency on Instagram. 

Don’t forget to add your website to the bio section. Use it to drive traffic back to your website. Keep in mind that Instagram doesn't allow traditional links anywhere outside your profile’s bio. The company recently rolled out shoppable tags, but right now, a business account must sell physical goods to use them.  So, update the bio as often as you like with different links if you have different pages you want to drive traffic to. 

Instagram may be a new social media avenue for you. But, one thing remains the same. Quality visual content is a must. It's important to post interesting pictures, graphics and videos.

For example, you could post: Candid photos of employees; Cool things happening inside or outside of your office; Pictures from events you attend or sponsor; Product-centric photos that represent your lines of business; Customer-centric photos; Relevant quotes, memes or GIFs; Or short videos answering frequently asked questions.
The key to earning followers is posts that evoke emotion. You want to engage followers and humanize your agency. And, you don't have to be so serious on Instagram. Show your personality, be playful and have fun.
Next: Hashtags. Hashtags allow you to group your posts and take advantage of what's currently trending on social media. They allow users to search for posts about a subject. Using popular hashtags can also help generate likes and followers because they make it easy for people to find you. Hashtags are the perfect way to extend the reach of your posts.

For example, Monday Motivation is a great hashtag to accompany a quote. If you post an image or video from a local event, hashtag the city for more exposure. Posting an image of a past event or agency memory? Use TBT or Throwback Thursday. If you'd rather post this on a Friday, use FBF or Flashback Friday. Speaking of Fridays, Fun Fact Friday is a great way to educate your followers with an FAQ video.

Like all social media, you’ll want to use Instagram with a specific goal in mind. Using social media without a goal or strategy won’t be an effective use of your time. An example goal for an insurance agency would be to increase brand awareness. You could post content that shows off your agency’s unique culture. If your goal is to generate engagement, post more videos, live stream, post polls in your story, or craft engaging captions. 
Lastly, don’t forget to share your posts to Facebook and Twitter, too. You can connect Instagram to your agency's Facebook and Twitter profiles for easy cross-posting. 
Instagram is a social media powerhouse. You can capitalize on its popularity by adding it to your agency marketing plan. Use these tips to help claim your stake (and followers) on Instagram.


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