Hidden Gems: Digging Deep Into Your Website

August 1, 2018 Kirsten Thornton

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Having a website gives you many opportunities to target new business. Beyond the homepage, there are countless pages to be created. Each page is curated for specific purposes. Insurance Website Builder makes it easy to tap into many resources. Use these often-overlooked features to make your website a tool customers find useful.  

There are no stupid questions

The Frequently Asked Questions page is blank far too often. Anytime you get a question from a customer, you should consider adding it to this page. If it helps even one customer, then it’s worth it. Updating this section also counts as fresh content, which search engines appreciate.


It’s not rocket science

For people not in finance, preparing for your financial future can feel daunting. We offer many calculators that can activate with a click. Let your customers see how much they need to save for retirement, college, or a house. Providing a Helpful Calculators page goes a long way for your customer relations.


He said, she said

Online reviews provide great insight to potential customers. Reading a customer’s firsthand account can make or break a sale. Far too often, people only comment when they’re angry. So take back your narrative. Feature happy customers when the opportunity presents itself. If a customer is in the office giving high praise, ask if you can quote them for your Customer Testimonial page.


Be a team player

For a local business, having your customers’ trust is imperative. Aside from SEO benefits, a link exchange on a Partners page is helpful to all parties involved. Customers get trusted referrals, and businesses earn trust. Use this page to grow your network and reach a customer you may never have otherwise.



Blogging can sound great in theory and still be difficult to execute. One key is to keep it informal. Blogs are an undeniable piece of website success. Don’t be afraid to branch out with topics and find inspiration from your surroundings. As long as the topic matters to your audience, blogs can help them see you as a reputable source of information.


Bonus Content

Although these pages and features aren’t overlooked as often. But, they still need to be revitalized every so often.

  • Forms: Make sure you have forms activated that reflect the options your business offers.
  • Carrier Information: From claims to billing, it doesn’t hurt to have information about your carriers on your website.
  • Refer A Friend: To grow your business, don’t be afraid to hold contests and offer incentives for referrals.
  • About Us: A website should be a reflection of your business. But, don’t forget to sum it up succinctly. Use this page as one more opportunity to sell yourself.


In a world where people barely scroll past the first page of search results, increase your odds. Offer as many resources as you can. Take advantage of all the hidden gems your website has to offer. Any one of them could be just what a customer needs.

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Kirsten Thornton

Having always been a computer nerd, Kirsten Thornton works on the HTML and CSS that drives Insurance Website Builder websites. Before joining ITC in 2010, Kirsten had the unique experience of attending Loyola University in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. The storm left the school with costly repairs and lower attendance so she switched majors to graphic design when computer science got cut. Kirsten balances a mixture of back-end coding, front-end designing, New Orleans culture, and Texas pride.

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