Boost Your Email Marketing Confidence

April 17, 2018

Email marketing is still intimidating to a lot of insurance agents. ITC CEO Laird Rixford discusses three tips to help boost your email marketing confidence.

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Video Transcript

Every day at ITC we talk to agents about their email marketing goals. They definitely know what they want to accomplish.

Yet, somehow, many find themselves getting behind. Why? Email marketing is still intimidating to a lot of agents.

I know telling you, “Don’t be intimidated” is not going to turn you into a confident email marketer. 

So, I have three tips that will boost your email marketing confidence.

Look through your inbox. Find some emails you really like. 

Then, use your email marketing program to recreate those emails as best you can. Send your copycat emails to yourself to see how they look in your inbox. 

This is a fun way to find workarounds for design and test how they work in practice. Plus, you’ll get great practice working in your email marketing program. 

It is common to change your mind about an email while you create it. “Do I include this line? Should I use this picture?”

A novice email marketer is prone to over-editing and under-editing emails. An easy way to round out your editing process is to have a second set of eyes take a look.

Send them the email and ask for edits. Then use the feedback to improve your email. 

Are you caught between two different subject lines? A button or text link? Pictures or patterns?

Agents often ask about which decision they should make for their emails. There are certainly tips for what works best overall. But, what works for one agency may not work for you. It matters more what your audience is going to respond to.

That’s why the A/B test is so important. Testing your audience with different options helps you understand what they like. And, more importantly, what gets the desired response from your audience. The more you test, the more confident you will feel when sending emails.

The best way to boost your email marketing confidence is to, quote Nike, just do it. The more email marketing you do, the more confident you’ll become.  

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