3 Easy Ways to Refresh Old Content

July 11, 2018 Darmini Kara

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I love updating other people's blogs. Not so much writing blogs, but enhancing, optimizing and customizing them. I feel like that's my special skill and I'm quite good at it!

So, I'm going to share my three best tips on how to refresh your existing content. 

1. Make It Pretty

Start with the easy things first. I always begin with either adding a picture or updating the image if there already is one. You'd be surprised how much difference a picture makes to content.

It brings visual interest to the content. And, it tells your audience what your content is about without having to read the full article. If your content is particularly long, go ahead and add two images! Just make sure they are correctly licensed

You can also add links to relevant articles or blogs you've written since the original publish date. This specific method is called interlinking. This a strategy search engine optimization professionals use. Interlinking creates a web of links that search engines will follow, and will regard your website highly.

Don't be afraid to add a call-to-action if necessary, be it in form of a button or a text link. 

2. Update Formatting

Take a hard look at the formatting of your blog. Do you need to break up some paragraphs? Add some bulleted or numbered lists? How about headers, subheads, or bolded keywords?

Now is the time to do it. Remember, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customer to want to read your content. Nobody wants to read a thick chunk of text. Make your blog interesting using the aforementioned items. Your views may increase if it’s easier to read. 

You may even decide to cut out some content. No one will fault you for having shorter content. Just make sure that it still makes sense.

3. Update Information

Now for the hard part: Updating the content itself. Make sure facts, dates, and coverages amounts are still relevant and accurate. Consider adding some recent real-world examples that may shed a new light your content. Spice things up by offering an opposing view. Refer to a more recent study or statistic.

All these changes may bring some new views to your insurance website or blog. If you do make significant informational updates, that is okay. Just be sure to make note of it somewhere in the blog, just in case a return viewer is looking for it. 

So next time you notice one of your blogs or webpages in need of some TLC, use the tips above to spruce it up! There's only really three things you have to do.

About the Author

Darmini Kara

Darmini Kara performs search engine optimization (SEO) tasks for ITC’s customers, including blogging, keyword research, backlink building, social media management, onsite optimization and some online marketing. She has a bachelor’s of arts in arts and technology from the University of Texas at Dallas. Darmini’s specialties include organic and local SEO, Google Analytics and Search Console, website design, and social media.

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