Crafting a COVID-19 Email Response to Your Clients

April 8, 2020 Henna Javed

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A lot of companies are sending emails in response to COVID-19. Inboxes are brimming with information that isn’t always helpful and unnecessary.

These emails are even causing anxiety for clients, leading them to unsubscribe. Consumers don’t need updates from every brand they’ve ever bought something from.  

Don’t be like those companies.

In this blog post, I will share tips on how to craft a client email in response to coronavirus that is thoughtful and supportive.


Don’t Rush

Like I mentioned above, the situation is changing rapidly.

Be current, and don’t rush. Providing inaccurate information is much worse than not providing information at all.

You don’t need to send an email update every day. Wait until you have a concrete message to send or if there is a drastic change to a normal service.


Include Contact Information

As an insurance agent, you still need to be available for your clients. If your business hours changed, share that with them.

Make yourself a resource for their insurance needs. But first, they need to know how to reach you. Your agency may be closed. Give them your updated contact information and be quick to respond.

You should also include how soon they can expect to hear back from you once they have made a contact request. Again, responding as quickly as possible is important. This will make your clients feel like they have a direct line to you if they need something.

Your email contact information should include the following:

  • Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Website contacts
  • Directory page

As you know, being accessible is a huge part of being an insurance agent. Now, more than ever, this is very important.


Provide COVID-19 Resources

Your client’s health is priority number one. Express that. Staying updated on COVID-19 is important to their health.

Give them strong, accurate resources that will help them stay healthy. These resources are a good start.

Get local. Your local government has resources available about COVID-19. These resources will inform your clients about the impact on their community. It will also update them on the latest news in the area.


Tell Your Clients How You Can Help with Their Policy

The body of your email should cover how you can be a resource for your clients. Provide them with FAQs, process documents, and policy information. Anything that will help answer questions about their policy.

Segment your audience when possible. If you are writing to clients with personal insurance, make the resources specific to them. The goal is for the resources to be quickly digested. If your message is too broad, it may not be as helpful as you intended.

It’s okay to provide alternative resources that are of assistance to your clients. However, be mindful of your message. You don’t want it to look like you are directing the client away from you. Always reiterate that you are available to assist if needed. 


Avoid These Topics

We are all feeling the impact of this situation. Your email should express that. However, you don’t want to further fatigue your clients. We always need to keep in mind the possibility that a client or a loved one could have been directly affected.

Be mindful of your tone. Avoid jokes or humor in your email. However, it is okay to maintain a positive, helpful, and reassuring tone.

No sales pitches. Do not try to sell a policy or offer free quoting in this email. This should be a helpful and information email.

Lastly, don’t send this email without having your staff or a family member proofread it. An extra pair of eyes may catch any of the aforementioned no-no’s. Proofreading is a basic principle of writing emails to clients.


Get Started

If you haven’t already emailed your clients, start today. Don’t rush your message. Make sure you’re accessible. Express your concern for your client’s well-being and give them resources to stay healthy. You’re an industry expert. Tell them how you can help with questions about their policies. Avoid sales pitches and be mindful of your tone. But most of all, show your clients that you’re there for them. 


About the Author

Henna Javed

Henna is a marketing automation expert at ITC, providing support to ITC's email marketing clients. Her work consists of AgencyBuzz training, helping design email templates and newsletters, blogging, and content creation. Henna holds a Bachelor of Science in political communications from the University of Texas, is a member of the Society of Professional Mediators, and is licensed in property and casualty insurance. Her passions include conservation, social media, photography, writing, gastronomy, travel, and beaches.

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