What do virtual driving tests and insurance software have in common?


Most of us can still remember Driver Ed training and those first clumsy days behind the wheel. The thrill of learning to drive. The anxiety associated with facing new dangers. And of course, the pressure to please an instructor who stood between you and your freedom on the open road.

So it’s amazing to think that the next generation of new drivers may have a completely different driving test experience. While traditional behind-the-wheel driving tests are still the norm, they could soon become as obsolete as eight-track tape players and rumble seats, transitioning into the world of virtual reality.

Can you imagine taking your driving test by climbing into the cockpit of a computer simulator instead of getting behind the wheel of a real automobile?

Actually, the concept of virtual driving tests isn’t entirely new. According to the British Journal of Occupational Therapy, occupational therapists in the U.S. and Australia have been experimenting for several years with driving simulators to assess and train driving skills in older adults with special needs.

At the University of Iowa, a $50 million simulator helps the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study the effects of drugs and alcohol, illness, fatigue and vision loss on driving.

And more recently, researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have teamed up with two Virginia DMV offices, one in Charlottesville and the other in Fairfax, to do more extensive experiments with virtual reality driving tests using a simulator.

A common goal has been to find a safer alternative to real-world testing, but virtual driving tests have other advantages too. They can level the playing field between those who live and take their driving test in a rural area and those who live in crowded cities, with the ability to create the same scenarios for everyone. Virtual driving tests are also more cost effective – installing a simulator costs less than purchasing a car, and the purchaser doesn’t have to buy gas, tires or auto insurance.

So what does any of this have to do with insurance software?

Just like people need the best tools available to learn to safely drive in today’s crowded world, you need the best tools available to drive your business in today’s crowded insurance market.

If you’re still running yourself ragged with time consuming administrative chores, digging through piles of unorganized paperwork, struggling to stay on task, and suffering anemic profits, maybe it’s time to take your agency into the world of virtual reality.

Powerful insurance agency software literally brings the world to you – virtually – allowing you to more effectively manage your business from anywhere. And choosing the right insurance software is crucial if you want to see a boost in your agency’s performance. So when you’re kicking the tires on auto insurance software, make sure you choose an agency management solution that: 

Streamlines your daily administrative tasks;

Keeps you better connected with customers and prospects;

Helps you grow your business with powerful marketing tools; and

Offers business skills training resources to keep you in the fast lane

If you want high performance insurance software solution that can take your business from zero to success in a lot less time, take your own “virtual driving test” by requesting an Agency Matrix insurance software demo today.

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