Maximizing Your AMS Investment

Maximizing Your AMS Investment

Let’s face it. Your agency management system is a big deal. It’s a commitment that requires research, investment of time and money, and a significant undertaking of training, no matter how well designed and user-friendly the API. You've made the right decision, now make sure you're not leaving money on the table.


Unfortunately, after most of the work is done, some agents don’t take the time to learn all that the management system can do. That’s like buying a MacBook Pro and only using it to post on Instagram.

We see it here at Agency Matrix and make a point of reminding customers to take advantage of all that our robust system has to offer. Many times, a feature the customer didn’t even realize was available becomes the impetus for upgrading to a better package, once it has been pointed out.

In this blog post, we’re singling out a few of the features customers may be overlooking in their management system. Don’t forget that we’ve recently added dozens of new videos to our training library and even created new search functionality that makes finding what you need almost instantaneous. And, of course, our top-notch support team is just a call away.

Are you taking advantage of all that Agency Matrix has to offer?

  • Customer Tags: In the Admin tab, under the Customer Tags section, you can create customized labels for individual clients, such as a “Commercial VIP” for your 10 biggest commercial accounts. You can then run a report that returns only records for customers with the “Commercial VIP” tag associated, allowing you to analyze at a glance any data you choose for those specific ten clients.

    Quotes and X-Dates: Are all your agents entering this crucial information into the management system? They should be, because data like these can be used to run reports and keep track of critical dates when checking back with a prospect or customer is most important. Better yet, use x-dates to set automations that deliver just the right email and text messaging at exactly the right times. All your customer's quotes are located in one organized place and conveniently viewable on the Agent Dashboard.

    Notifications: On any given day, you’ve got about a million items on your work to-do list. It’s easy for something to slip through the cracks, and that can mean lost business. Notifications alert specified agents when an assigned trigger occurs, such as an upcoming renewal date or when a customer makes a payment. Simply click the bull horn icon to send a message directly to a specific employee or to the entire agency. Notifications may be set to prompt agents when policies are cancelled or new tasks created, ensuring you’ll never miss an opportunity to connect at the most critical moments.

    System Notes: As an agency owner, your success depends largely on the activities of your staff. Agency Matrix keeps track of what every user is doing in the system at any given moment (adding a new customer, creating a quote, viewing a client's profile, etc.). System Notes reports give you a snapshot of all your agents’ day-to-day activities. This not only provides an account of each agent’s productivity, but can uncover any wrongful activity that may be taking place, such as changes to an agent of record or multiple printing of receipts.

    Time Clock: Punching in and out and keeping up with your employees’ time is just one more tedious task that costs you valuable time and money. Why pay for a separate clock-in system that must be downloaded and installed, when Agency Matrix can keep the information all in one place? Keep track of employee work hours; view and edit time by date range; run exports for payroll provider and manage it all from wherever you may be working.

These are just five of the valuable features you may be underutilizing in your Agency Matrix management solution. Because every component of our software has been designed by former insurance agency owners and agents, the system is a carefully crafted ecosystem of functionality that addresses all your agency tasks. With a continuously evolving features and attributes that will streamline the workflows of your independent insurance agency and save you time and money every single day. Together, you and Agency Matrix will maximize your insurance agency.




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