Insurance agency software tip: The benefits of joining the digital age


The technology revolution of the past few decades has changed the economic landscape forever, for both consumers and businesses. Today’s buying public has a staggering array of choices when it comes to insurance products and services, and technology and social media tools have played a huge role in changing consumers’ buying behaviors, attitudes and preferences.

With 24/7 access to mobile devices, apps for everything, social media, and other digital platforms, consumers are more engaged in the buying process than ever before, and they’re increasingly looking online for their insurance needs. According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study, 52% of those shopping for a new policy began their search online, and 32% got their quotes entirely online. Among 25-44 year-olds, 9 out of 10 say they would use the Internet in some way during the buying process. Seventy-three percent reported visiting at least one insurance website during their shopping process, and 34% stated that they prefer to buy a policy online. 

What does this mean for insurance agents and brokers?

In short, it means you need to be embracing the digital age and engaging your customers where they are. For those insurers who are on board, the digital revolution is dramatically changing the way they do business. And now more than ever, digital isn’t just a new distribution channel fad or a new, optional way of doing business. It’s a necessity.

So what does it mean to “go digital”? Essentially it means using your digital agency software and the wide array of technology solutions available to more deeply engage with your customers and prospects and grow your business.

If you haven’t yet embraced the digital age but are ready to get your feet wet with auto insurance marketing, here are four tips for insurance agents to get you started: 

Build a search engine optimized website.

This is a great first step towards successful marketing for insurance agents. With consumers increasingly shopping online for insurance information, your first priority is to be found online by those consumers. Make sure the most common search phrases (such as car insurance + your city, state) are used repeatedly on your website. An insurance marketing specialist can help you get optimized. 

Use your digital agency software to understand your customers.

Slice and dice your data. Create tailored email marketing lists to that you can present highly customized cross-sell and up-sell offers. 

Become active in social media.

Taking part in social media discussions is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and brand value. If you work with businesses and professionals, join Linkedin groups. If you are active in your local community, Facebook can also be a good tool for marketing insurance. 

Get links back from other related sites, e.g., local Chamber of Commerce, industry associations, etc.

Build your online community by connecting with others and getting them to connect with you

The bottom line is that insurance customers are changing. They want more information about products, more involvement in purchase decisions, better service, and rewards for their loyalty. Marketing in the digital age is playing an increasingly vital role in their buying habits. These new digital technologies offer you a whole new world of opportunities for innovation and new ways to keep pace with changing consumer attitudes.

The future of insurance is digital, and smart insurance agents are joining the revolution. How about you?

To grow in the digital age, you need a smart agency management system. Agency Matrix is one of the most affordable and most innovative agency software tools in the business. Request an insurance software demo today.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, make sure to download our new free report, The Six Cross-Selling Secrets of Top Performing Agencies.”


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