Important Changes to ACORD Licensing in 2020

ACORD Policy Change

Agency Matrix would like to address some confusion surrounding changes to how ACORD forms will be licensed in 2020. These changes are being made by ACORD, but as your agency management system of choice we want to help our customers understand the impact of these changes.

  • What is changing with ACORD licensing?

  • ACORD is making changes to its licensing model for forms. Starting January 1, 2020, agencies are required to have a direct licensing relationship with ACORD. Previously, only software providers (like Agency Matrix) and carriers were required to have licensing and redistribution agreements with ACORD. If you have concerns about this change, we encourage you to contact ACORD directly, at

  • How does my agency get licensed?

  • Agencies can obtain written licenses to use ACORD forms by contacting ACORD at 845.620.1700 or through the additional contact information available at Once your agency has established licensing with ACORD, you are all set. There is no need to inform Agency Matrix.

  • What if my agency is a BIG "I" or PIA Member?

  • For agencies that are members of the BIG “I” (IIABA; Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America) or PIA (Professional Insurance Agents), and have annual gross P&C revenue under $50 million, ACORD has partnered with these associations to offer complimentary licenses to ACORD Forms.

  • Will I notice a change in Agency Matrix?

  • The changes made by ACORD to licensing will not affect the functionality, interface or workflows that exist in Agency Matrix. Agencies will continue to have access to ACORD forms. Agency Matrix has updated our Terms & Conditions to comply with ACORD's new requirements for vendors.

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