How your Insurance Software can get you Closer to your Customers

Now that another holiday season is behind us and all of our New Year’s resolutions have begun to fade, everyone is getting to work putting their business plans for the year into action. And there’s nothing more important to your success than the relationships you build with your prospects and customers.

What’s your plan to get closer to your market this year?

Your insurance prospects and customers are savvier and more fickle than ever these days. They’re not afraid to use technology to educate themselves and shop around. They give their business to insurance companies that truly connect with them and provide solutions that fit not only their budget, but their lifestyle. And, regardless of your attitude toward technology, your insurance prospects and customers are using it, so it just makes sense to meet them where they are.

Are you making the most of technology to connect with them?

The advance of technology over the decades has spawned endless obituaries for the human touch. But the “high tech” vs. “high touch” question doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. Granted, many people simply aren’t as tech savvy as others and prefer old fashioned methods of marketing and connecting with people. Others are quick to jump on every high-tech bandwagon that comes along, but could use some brushing up on their old fashioned people skills.

Finding a balance that works for you is the key.

Those who are less comfortable with technology should still seek out and embrace any business tools that can help them better connect with their market. And, with the right insurance agency management software, you can have nearly unlimited options for customizing how you use the technology, from the most basic tools to help you get organized to the most sophisticated analytics and marketing tools to really drive your business.

With powerful agency management software for insurance companies, you can collect and organize more and better quality data that can help you zero in on your prospects and customers and gain deeper insights into who they are, what makes them tick and what they want in insurance solutions.

That same insurance agency management software can help you use that data to plan effective email, direct mail and social media campaigns, staying in front of your audience with customized messages that fit their needs and their schedule.

If you’re not using powerful insurance software to manage your agency, you’re probably working too hard—and probably losing business to your competitors who embrace technology. To forge deeper connections with an increasingly distracted consumer base, you need a combination of modern technology and simple, clear communication. By finding the right insurance agency management software and a balance of high tech and high touch that works for you, you can better capture your customers’ and prospects’ attention, their trust and their loyal business.


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