Agency Matrix Releases Version 7.5


Agency Matrix Releases Version 7.5

This latest software upgrade comes with some serious improvements to the user interface, further streamlining the agency management process and freeing up even more time for agents to grow and attend to their books of business. 

Since our major release of v7.4 in January, customers have let us know Woman with too much paperworkthat the added features and enhancements were well received and already making their agency management tasks even easier. With this release, we introduce further upgrades to ACORD forms, Tasks, Downloads and Automated Marketing. Plus, our exclusive integration with Easyfile and DocBuild Plus led to the creation of DocMatrix, which  takes document management to a whole new level (don't be like this lady). Finally, you are going to love our new training interface. New and updated videos are just the beginning. Advanced search capability and suggestions of related videos make finding everything you need a snap.

Take a look at what's new!

  • ACORD Form Enhancements

  • Numerous enhancements were made to our ACORD forms. Agencies now have the ability to digitally sign all ACORDs generated from Agency Matrix and can configure multiple users to do so. All ACORD forms are stored for editing and future use, and no longer require rekeying of data when reused. Renewal certificates have never been easier. Users can also save ACORDs directly to attachments for documentation purposes and can email, print and fax with a single click.

  • EasyFile Integration

    Agency Matrix has created an exclusive integration with EasyFile and DocBuild Plus that allows uses to retrieve EasyFile documents from within our system, write documents to EasyFile and, for Nationwide users, write documents directly to DocVault. DocBuild Plus users can seamlessly save documents directly to Agency Matrix. This integration is an incredible opportunity for users of EasyFile and DocBuild Plus. It will save hours of time managing documents and provide for increased paperless transactions.

  • Improved Task Management

    Users will notice an enhanced interface and task dialogue window. Notes have been added at the task level for improved information tracking, and speech-to-text has been fully incorporated for those users who subscribe to the feature. Agencies focused on workflows with improved routing and monitoring of progress will benefit greatly from these improvements.

  • Increased Training Resources

    Our training team has updated many of our most popular training videos. In addition, many new videos have been added to support our ever-growing feature base. Finally, our training resource tab has been modernized with keyword search to allow for simplified location of content. We’ve even provided related video options, based on your search query.

  • Download Enhancements
  • In v7.5 we continued our focus on streamlining download processing and efficiency. We’ve placed even greater emphasis on processing speed and modifications to carrier specific logic, decreasing processing exceptions. We also added auto-skip functionality that, when selected, allows all new records to process first, then returns to any pending exceptions that may be in the queue.

  • Automated Marketing Improvements
  • Additional activities have been added to track quotes, x-dates and submissions. Increased tags better target contacts, and shortened URLs have been added for cleaner SMS messaging. Advanced scheduling improves delivery of messages and tracking of opens, replies and bounces, allowing better measurement of marketing results.

  • For a complete list of the Agency Matrix features, as well as package 
    breakdowns, click or give us a call at 800.456.2874.

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