Agency Matrix Releases Version 7.6

  • Your agency management software just keeps getting better. In version 7.6, our primary focus was further refining features introduced in versions 7.5 and 7.6, as well as adding process improvements that many of you had requested. You know we take your feedback to heart and do our best to accommodate your requests. And, while we may not be able to grant every wish, we take them all seriously and are constantly analyzing and building upon the system to make your job as an agency owner easier.

    Take a look at what's new!

  • ACORD Form Enhancements

  • First, we’ve organized ACORDs into folders based on policy period, providing a cleaner look and making it easier than ever to locate the form you need. You’ll notice categories labeled Pending, Current and Past Year, with working forms conveniently located above these for quick access.

    We’ve also added the ability to email multiple ACORDs at the same time.

  • Admin

  • On the Admin side, automatic tax calculation determines how much tax is owed and where it should be sent … be it state, carrier or filing agency … ensuring all amounts are correct throughout the cycle of the policy. I encourage you to reach out to our training department for more information about enabling this exciting new feature.


    Our infrastructure guys have put in a TON of overtime to complete an all new framework with more reliable redundancy and much improved speed. So, hats off to those guys.

  • Email

    You’ll definitely notice improvements here. Email templates have been replicated throughout the system for a consistent look and feel from Customer Profile, Attachments, Rolodex, Policy Tab, File Locker … everywhere.

  • Speaking of the Client File, you now have the ability to assign CSRs to policies, in addition to the agent of record, for better policy management.

  • Marketing

    On the marketing front, we’ve added a sub-source field, so you can record that a customer not only came to you through your website, but arrived at your site through your Google Ad. Tracking ROI is critical to deciding where to allocate your marketing dollars, and sub-sources will be a great help in that.


    Downloads are now compatible with eDocs and eMessages, allowing carriers to send information about your policies directly to the Agency Matrix system. This lets you set up drip campaigns based on download triggers you select.

  • We hope these latest enhancements make running your agency just a little bit easier and, as always, we appreciate your business and look forward to contributing to the continued growth and success of your independent insurance agency. Thanks for choosing Agency Matrix.


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