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Can you imagine if the next iPhone or Android device you bought were the very same model, with the exact same features, as the ones available ten or eleven years ago? Of course not. Times have changed. Technology has advanced light years in that amount of time. And, with every new release, there's a huge wave of excitement around the new and improved bells and whistles. We've come to expect bigger and better bells and whistles on a regular basis.

The same is true for software. Google can't bask in the glory of its mind-blowing laurels. Instead, they spend every day working hard to fix bugs and improve upon their already great products.

Well, that's just how we run our business here at Agency Matrix. And, just like those thousands of Googler geeks, we spend our days dreaming up new ways to make our products more amazing than ever before. We recently announced the release of Agency Matrix v7.4. This update is a direct collaboration of customer input and extensive research into the software UX. It's true. Our team is wholly dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of the independent agency’s workday, and these upgrades are yet another testament to that commitment.


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Take a look at what's new!

• Advanced Automated Marketing capabilities
• Increased Submission, Quote and X-date functionality
• ITC Homeowner Rating integration
• Increased ACORD Form library
• Custom Report module
• Enhanced Automated Workflow logic and capabilities
• Leads Matrix, a fully integrated lead management system
• Push-to-Dial & Screen Pop-up integrations for Mitel, Vonage, Ring Central and Fonality
• Marketing & Lead Funnel integration with Smart Harbor
• Improved Line of Business, Coverage, Coverage Group and Carrier configurations
• Addition of Billing and Writing companies
• Added eDocs and Claims to Downloads

Our latest release includes a slew of new features and enhancements designed to further streamline office workflows and improve overall agency productivity.

What an exciting year 2018 was at Agency Matrix! We successfully achieved our goal of developing and implementing a trio of updates designed to support our strategy and meet the continuing needs our clients. The releases published this year marked significant progress in improving and maturing our software for commercial agents. We also began implementing features for benefits and financial-service-oriented agents, as well as added several key integrations to help our clients leverage the technology to run their agencies more efficiently and precisely. The new Leads Matrix module was implemented, as well as more robust automated marketing, workflow and CRM capabilities. As 2019 gets underway, we anticipate another aggressive year and look forward to even greater things to come. Thanks to you, our wonderful clients, for continuing along this road to excellence with us.

Take a look at some of the exciting NEW features in Agency Matrix v7.4 and see if you don't agree that we (and you!) have cause for celebration!

New & Improved Features You Can Use

Multi-Select Drop-Downs in Reports
Reporting just got more diverse with our multi-select drop-down menus. Simply press the Ctrl button when choosing options, and the system will run the report based on the your selections.

Greater API Integrations
In the ever-connected world of insurance, Agency Matrix is putting greater emphasis on integration,with more services than ever before. New integrations for leads, payments and phone systems render our software solution a one-stop shop for all your employees’ needs.

We have completely rebuilt the commission interface for almost effortless processing of statements. Relying on extensive user feedback, we’ve improved response time, speed-of-use and reliability.

Refined Downloads
In 7.4 we focused on downloads by spending hours with clients to improve the process of downloading and reconciling your carrier information. With an emphasis on speeding up the process and more importantly ensuring more accurate auto processing our downloads have only gotten better.

Redesigned Automated Market System
New automated marketing features provide greater control over actions that trigger interactions with customers. Your Virtual CSR sends follow-ups in the form of emails, letters and tasks. We’ve also developed the ability to add attachments to automated marketing workflows, ensuring timely delivery of renewal applications and other critical documents.

Tracking of Automated Marketing Replies and Bounces
You can now track delivery of all client emails, detect any bounces and identify which customers click the links within. This level of control is essential to marketing list hygiene, which greatly affects deliverability to legitimate addresses and facilitates segmentation of your list for more targeted communications.

Custom Report Templates
Version 7.4 also introduces custom formatting that allows you to choose the displayed columns in reports. You design templates that work for your agency. Add, remove and completely reinvent your most often used reports.

Continued Focus on Commercial
Commercial services are a primary focus of our team of developers. Considerable resources have been dedicated to streamlining and refining all commercial features. With enhancements to lines of business and ACORD forms, version 7.4 provides more tools to commercial agents than ever before.

For a complete list of the Agency Matrix features, as well as package
breakdowns and pricing, click below or give us a call at 800.456.2874.

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