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Agent Alive, A Real Time Agency Solution

When it comes to any business these days, you're going to have your heavy-hitters and your light-weights, and in no business is this more accurate than insurance coverage. Smaller insurance companies often have to work significantly harder than their sizable, nationwide counterparts in order to expand and retain their books of business. This can leave agencies feeling stuck in the proverbial rat race. As with any problem, however, there is always a solution. 

We recently spoke with Grant Miller, founder of Agent Alive, a breakthrough piece of technology that can give your agency the hi-tech boost it needs to remain not only relevant in your industry, but preferred! We know that, when shopping for anything today, convenience is king. If shoppers can't handle their business in one place in under five minutes, they will find a place where they can. But there's often a trade-off.

With the rise of online convenience, companies find more ways to avoid engaging with their clients. This means pages of FAQs, "contact methods" being reduced to email only, or poorly managed customer service lines. 

And, while people love 'fast and easy,' most of them still prefer to be acknowledged as an individual rather than an ID number.  If one could satisfy the penchant for modern convenience, and the personal touch of good customer service, that would make them a pretty solid competitor.  Enter Agent Alive.

Agent Alive is the first tool of its kind where your clients can manage their policy needs from start to finish at any location, anytime, with (wait for it) a live, helpful, human!

 Agent Alive is a user-friendly app that customers use to instantly connect with a real agent, and view, purchase, and bind policies all in a single session.  Video calls are one of the main elements that make Agent Alive the brilliant tool that it is.  When a customer connects with Agent Alive, they start by selecting what sort of coverage they need from inside the app.  The app then generates a list of providers and agents immediately available for a video call.  

Once connected, everything needed to create, bind, and activate a policy can be done within a single session- everything.  Live document and screen-sharing enables clients to see and digitally sign policy options, which can be instantly returned to the agent.  Need an inspection?  Use your phone to shoot video of whatever space needs inspecting in order to expedite that policy-writing process.  Pay a policy at the close of the transaction by simply adding payment info, selecting a payment amount, and sending it the provider. 


Agent Alive keeps Agents & Customer Connected


Imagine the ease of being able to set up car insurance at a dealership within minutes, the convenience of a single call replacing the back-and-forth of voicemails, emails, and keeping up with endless documents. 

Oh, and because all of the video calls are recorded and archived, your insurance agency is protected from liabilities due to client error (i.e. allegations that coverage was not offered, when in fact it was denied at the time of offering). Need a record of the call?  Just pull up the video and 'play the tape.' 

Of course, some clients are camera shy, so keep in mind the video option is still just an option. All other business may still be conducted without it. 


Agent Alive is powered by Agency Matrix, an extraordinarily powerful and money-saving management system that has revolutionized the way countless agencies do business.  Experience growth like you've never seen when you combine the convenience and personalization of Agent Alive, with the convenience and resource-savings of Agency Matrix.

As you can see, Agent Alive is well aware of what makes the modern consumer tick.  Convenience, but with consideration.  If you can help someone handle their business swiftly, but efficiently AND make them feel like a priority, you have yourself a customer for life.  So why wait?  Call today and get thriving! 

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