3 ways you can use your mobile device to prevent fraud in your company



Fraud is a recurring nightmare in insurance agencies worldwide. For decades, insurance companies have been deceived at the hand of customers and everyday people. The victim can be easily deprived of money in a matter of days. This formulates a resolution process that can be lengthy, expensive, and time consuming. The main question is how can our mobile devices stop and prevent insurance fraud.

Social media is your friend. According to InsuranceJournal.com social media can benefit you in more ways than one. As we all know millions of people worldwide make their social media public for everyone to see. The chances of finding your claimant’s social media page can be as easy as snapping your fingers. Johnson, the editor of ClaimsJournal.com, implies once you have this, you can investigate further into their status and photos which can provide insight on whether their claim is true or not. Facebook and Twitter are excellent examples of social media. Signs of insurance fraud on these social media websites can provide plenty of evidence to confirm if you are being lied to.

Apps that notify you of fraud are a key factor to preventing insurance fraud at the root. An example of these applications would be one that provides information to the user of any suspicious activity or signs of insurance fraud going on inside of their agency. Agency Matrix’s management software is one of the best applications out there that you can use to detect fraudulent insurance claims. Agency Matrix includes a client management system and recording feature that tracks all your transactions between you and your claimant without downloading anything.

Use your phone to take pictures of your claimant’s inventory. You should record their possessions such as cars and places of business before insuring them. Afterwards, you can store all of your attachments in Agency Matrix insurance software solutions. Precautions such as this, and knowing which signs of insurance fraud to look out for, will prevent false insurance claims from occurring.


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