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A new year means new clients, a larger book of business, and better yields for agencies everywhere, Right?  Well, possibly.  Hard-working businesses like yours are not the only ones getting revved-up and motivated for a prosperous 12 months.  While you are diligently planning your strategies for customer care, sales, and retention hackers are investing their own energy in finding more efficient methods of breaking into the systems of successful businesses.  2016-2021 is expected to see a definitive rise in cyber security attacks targeting small and large businesses alike, according to the University of San Diego

Cyber-crime is a booming enterprise that is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, never closed on holidays. Cybercrime awareness is necessary - having dependable security is no longer optional.  It is of paramount importance to research cybercrime information and understand the possible effects an overseas or home-based hacker can cause your business if you have not taken the time to establish and maintain a proper method of defense. 

We all know about spyware, adware, and malware.  Now meet their little brother: ransomware.  Ransomware is gaining popularity among hackers as a method of making fast money.  Once hackers have data they can hold it or even augment it unless they are paid a fee.  After paying the ransom it may be some time before the business returns to its normal operation.  They may have to decrypt their data before they can even view it.  And of course, there’s no real way of knowing if that data is truly uncompromised.

Some hack jobs and cyber security attacks can be traced to internal sources.  This may be the work of a rogue employee or one who unwittingly let in a Trojan horse by opening the wrong email.  It remains one of the main channels in which data is breached from within an organization. 

The picture may appear daunting, but it is by no means insurmountable.  Companies from just a few employees to a few thousand are adopting more sophisticated, complex systems of security (such as using High Performance Computing and adaptive machine learning technology in order to detect hacking from the inside)  to keep hackers in the dark.  However, if you are a small company on a budget, there is still a variety of tools and security methods you may use to help guard your most sensitive information.  

Agency Matrix insurance software incorporates a smorgasbord of security measures to protect proprietary data and preserve ease-of-mind for all its clients.  

For one, Agency Matrix goes beyond the use of standard levels of data encryption (128/256 bit) because that is just what they are-standard.  Here we use 2048 bit SSL certificates as our method of encryption.  In laymen’s terms this is basically an extraordinarily more difficult key to decrypt or hack.   Even a powerful computer would need far more time (as in years) than most hackers have to break into the system it protects.  

In addition, Agency Matrix servers have advanced cybercrime awareness and firewall protection against cyber security attacks.  This firewall automatically blocks access from any foreign country in which we do not have customers.  Our servers also block all ports except for http and https.  Additionally, Agency Matrix servers are protected so that they may only be accessed in designated locations.  No one outside of these locations, American soil or otherwise will have server access. 

To help prevent issues (be they intentional or accidental) from authorized management system users, Agency Matrix insurance agency software displays a limited number of functions upon logging in.  Certain administrative tasks are visible/accessible only by authorized users.

Furthermore, Agency Matrix insurance company software is entirely cloud-based.  Granted that technology has yet to discover an absolute method of being hack-proof, it is the case that protection and preservation of data via cloud storage vs that of hard disk is incomparably advantageous.  Cloud data is not susceptible to flood, fire, power outages, etc.  And security measures are also a collective of the cloud host and the client whose data is being stored.  

As you can see, Agency Matrix goes to great lengths to layer on protection of its data, and by extension its clients.  Our modus operandi is attention to detail at every turn.  In an era where hackers and cyber-thieves are the new norm, you can trust that Agency Matrix will not only keep pace on cybercrime information, but work to surpass the efforts of cyber-criminals.    

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